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Hot Tub Construction: Haven Spas are Superior To Any Other Brand of Spa and Cost Less.
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Spas And Hot Tubs

So what are the Best Hot Tubs in the World?  And how can we call them the best hot tubs in the world?  Here's and article on the evolution of hot tubs to the level of making them products we can be truly satisfied with.

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Havenmade, Haven Spas.
Our least expensive model line, is stronger, longer lasting, better made has better performance than the so called, "high end" from the major manufacturers.
here is an EXAMPLE

So, you can imagine the amazing design features built into the rest of our models. Our customers are smarter than the average consumer.  They seek the best hot tubs they can buy but are not stupid, so they cannot be fooled.   They are not the type to fall for hype, fancy brochures and nonsense that is not backed up with facts.  We don't have "average consumers" as our customers.  Our customers are very discriminating.

The original Haven Spas across the country and in Europe, now 19 years old, are still running with absolutely minimal expense to operate and they still have better therapy than some of the latest models from your average, run of the mill hot tub company (as long as they are cared for with normal care).  Their performance is still better than the latest models from the "main stream" hot tub industry.  That is fact.  Our oldest spas still have better therapy than some of the most expensive spas today.  See the best hot tubs in the world Click Here
 (I used to get email and phone calls (I don't have to answer the phone anymore, because all I do is design/engineer work on new therapy machines and consult on issues at the factory), quite often, from people who own these other spas and are fed up, and now realize the "hard way" what I was talking about. The average comment from them, is as soon as this "thing" finally falls apart, I will buy my last spa from the Haven line. One fellow who was very angry with me because he had just spent his spa money on a "high end" POS, when he found our website and information....Now, after 5 years of leaking and problems with getting warranty, constantly, called and apologized to me for "dissing" his purchase. The worst time to find our site is after you bought another spa.   I don't "dis" I just educate on design and construction of spas.  You will see that if your spa does not fit with the model design we use, then it is inadequate to be in my back yard. And if I would not own it, why would I sell it? 

I mean; really?  What are you looking for to satisfy the need for warm water therapy, massage, and improved life?  Spas offer help for all aspects of life.  Quiet time, soaking in warm water, to Haven vigorous massage. Then time with friends to talk.  Haven spas are almost like stopping the harshness of life in this world for a bit of time every day if you want and not having to deal with constant breakdown and pouring good money after a bad decision. The sad thing is they project this crap spa on the entire spa industry and tell friends how horrible it is to own a hot tub. The spa industry has been it's own worst enemy.

Why buy a Haven Spa?
  • Shell structure.  Acrylic backed with a vinyl ester resin bonding agent, and hand rolled fiberglass for a strong shell.  We use 5 layer method with three vinyl ester layers and two polyester for the strongest shell, absolutely the best, currently in production.  This is well known as the best shell structure. Most shells using other materials (or the same materials not properly laminated) are still experimental  or have a known failure rate of surface cracks and leaks.   If you are going to experiment with something on a consumer, it certainly should not be the spa shell!  (unfortunately this is the most expensive part, so most use inferior methods and/or materials.)  Use fiberglass, with a layered Vinyl Ester bonding agent behind acrylic.   (Don't buy a thin cheap single piece Acrylic/ABS shell stuffed with structural foam!)   If you want cheap, then don't pay high prices for it.
  • The cabinet is fully engineered and structurally framed in 94x44 MM (3.70" x 1.73") lumber, top rail, bottoms frames are 145x44MM (5.70" x 1.73") and sides all structural framing.  We don't use plywood on the bottom.  The pumps are rubber mounted to the frames to kill sound and hold them solid.  The more mass under the pumps the quieter they run. We have a lot of sound deadening engineering use in Haven Spas.  This is stronger than any other form of hot tub manufacturing. According to my engineering reference a  94x44 has a vertical strength of  about 1500 LB per square inch or 1.5 x 3 x 1500 = 6750 PSI.  So, don't tell me about cheap steel frames that fall apart with rust or hollow plastic that is untested over time. We have 40 years of testing on wood frames and know how to use them. Wood is found on the oldest of spas. And our lumber comes from forests that have been cultivated for over 1000 years in Norway.  
  • The Pumps are all 56 Frame Century A.O. Smith motors in the US or , and a new, high energy efficient, EMG's from Europe (Italy) motors with class F insulation and with dual cooling fans on Vista, Eclipse, SE and SC, also available for upgrade on the other models.   These are the most modern of all motors and the highest quality made for spas.  There is nothing better.  The operating temperature is 50 degrees C or 122 degrees F. ambient air.  The armature has an extremely tight distance from the field coils to transfer magnetic power much better.  The windings are all larger wire, and the bearing and starting circuit is more along the commercial size, bigger.  It basically is a commercial size high energy efficiency motor instead of a 48 frame consumer grade motor.  The HP range is from 1.5 HP to 4 HP.  
  • The maximum horsepower we need is 4, because of the extremely clean large over-kill plumbing.  We use the cleanest, practical,  plumbing available on any spa today.  It has fewer turns and larger pipe than most any of the standard spas "out there".  We engineer the plumbing to a much higher degree than anybody I know of.  We follow standard hydraulic design principles and make almost no concessions. You will never see a standard 90 deg. PVC fitting in our spas jet pumps. "Dynamic head loss" is at an absolute minimum.
  • Much of our plumbing is made of solid PVC pipe and modern high density vinyl mass flex pipe.  In the high end models, we use more of it.  It has better water flow characteristics and a much longer life expectancy than old flex pipe on a pressure line.   This gives water a clean smooth and larger pipe.  In the engineering design reference manuals it states that solid PVC pipe and smooth polished stainless steel have the least resistance to water flow, or the most water can go through them without restriction.  Smooth inside pipe is the best. (a child's arteries and veins are like this; smooth and without tight bends)  It is best to make turns as sweeps, and to use smooth wall pipe.  Our flex has few ridges and is very smooth as well.  Old flex pipe has washboard ridges on it, causing water turbulence, and we try not to use that on our super high flow pumps.  Our pumps use a 2.5 inch suction inlet manifold pipe and a 2 to 2.38 inch pressure pipe to the manifold. And we avoid "gaps" in the joints as much as possible.  The pipe is cut square on power-saws.
  • We have the best  insulation design available today.  It is the only truly engineered and fully tested insulation.  It has been tested in extreme cold, to full summer with out problems.   With this system we extract all the energy used in the pumps, both mechanical and heat.   I don't like to waste money on electricity being sent out into the yard.  Much better to have the heat pass into the water first.  Read about the DAIT system and Download a pdf brochure
  • The control system we use is better than anything I have found.  We use a high end custom made control boxes with metal enclosures, and electronics with 30 Ampere and 40 Ampere sealed relays and 30 and  40 AMP  contactor, relays on the high watt heaters.  Sealing the relays eliminates the air and oxygen to burn the points.  It also keeps the moisture out of the relay.  The circuit boards are designed to take up to 155 degrees operating temperature.  The spa will never achieve that temperature in a hundred years (unless we get hit by an asteroid).  We use air control methods to separate the control box from the heat of the pumps.  We have a total control over the thermodynamics of the Haven Spas. The control box is metal, instead of plastic.  Steel and aluminum manufacturing costs more but is much safer in the event of a short or arc in the control box.  It will not escape the metal enclosure. I have seen my share of spas that caught on fire and control box fires will not happen in Haven Spas. (Google "hot tub fire" and look at the photos. It is always the plastic melted control box that caught fire.)
  • We eliminate all of the loose filter lids.  They are dangerous and the first thing that people break.  I had a woman break her knee bone on a spa with a loose filter lid on an Older Coleman spa and I was showing it too her. This is how I know.    A loose filter lid is a bad thing!  It it the first thing your friends will lean on when they get in.  When they lean on it, it slips out and bangs their elbows, arms, and sometimes faces onto the hard shell.  I remember a fellow who came into the store I used to work at.  The lid had a lightening like tree crack that spread out from the center of the pressure point where it snapped.  It also had a blood stain on it.  He told me, and this is the exact quote: "They had to pull it off my ass."  OUCH!!  His skin tissue was caught in the lid when it cracked.  That store made a lot of money on replacement filter lids.  On all of the Haven models you can sit on top of our filter area with not problems because it is part of the acrylic and fiberglass structured shell.
  • All of our spas follow the ANSI/NSPI ASTM, UL and ETL, CE and TUV for safety.  We actually go way beyond the minimums.  For instance, most of our suction fittings are rated for 230 gallons per  minute and we use two on each second pump, as well as on the filter side we have way over kill for a safety reason.  The velocity of water per square inch is much less on the suctions if you use too large of  a fitting.  It costs more, but it will save lives, because nobody will be held by one of them, and hair is never drawn and held near the fittings.  I am a parent (grandparent now) and I feel that the ANSI standard is lacking and was written partially by stupid greedy people (I am not kidding.).  Our control system is modern with redundant safety shut-off's.  It will never have the pump stuck in the on position.    ( Never buy a modern spa with old fashioned air button controls that do not have safety shutdown timers on them. Click here to read control article)  The controls have automatic clean-out  on the second pump and blower at the start of the filter cycles to insure no yukky, stale, bacteria laden water in the plumbing.  If that water isn't purged daily it gets stale.
  • The ergonomics of the design incorporates flat areas to place cups and drinks.  As a spa lover, I find that you must have water or you will get dehydrated and feel tired if you don't drink water or Gator aid or juice or some drink to re-hydrate yourself..   Most Haven spas have a really nice area above the filter to put a tray and this makes a great serving area.  Rounded tops on the acrylic are antique and come from the really old days of spas, the same as filter lids.  The top area is nice to sit up on out of the water, since it is flat, it does not press into your bottom. If you wet test any spa sit up on the upper lip and tell me how comfortable it is.  I can't sit up on a rounded spa lip for more than a few seconds without pain. It will "pressure point your rear".  All of the convolutions on most spas are like wearing high heel shoes when you need to be wearing sneakers.  They are for design, not functional for relaxing.
  • All of the main jets are adjustable, the inserts are removable by the owners, and you can put in different jets in the same body without tools.  This makes our spa the most customizable for the spa owners.   The jet pressure is adjustable both up and down, by several controls.
  • We put in hand rails in our spas.  Most spa companies are eliminating them even though the ANSI says you need them for safety.  Only on the smallest spas do we not have them.  Hand rails by definition are round and you can wrap your fingers around them. The hand grips, molded into the shell on some spas, are not hand rails.
  • Since we have a warm air chamber in our spas, we can have a nice, very quiet,  air blower system and full turbo air.  This turbo air makes the jets stream much larger and give a great therapy effect.  It is similar to having a third speed on the water pumps.  All of our two or three pump spas have two speeds on each pump.  (Most spas will have the first pump at 2 speeds and cut costs on the second or third pump by making it one speed.)  It is only on our 4 pump spa that we have a 4th pump one speed. This is about to change as we are developing and up to five pump control box with 40 Ampere Relays.  Haven spas with the optional air injection, have the air injectors placed in the most effective positions and we use the 9 Hole air jets on many models that act like 9 individual air jets in one spot.  This option is $2000 now.   This causes the air to burst out and give a great pulsating massage.  We are the only spa company to take full advantage of the air blower system, without the extra energy cost of blowers that draw in cold air.  The blower uses the heat from the jet pumps to maintain warm air into the spa water. On the Super Custom Magnum spas we use two air pumps at 2 HP.  This is "killer massage".
  • All of the Haven Spas are designed to be easily repaired.  That sounds simple and you would think that all spas would do this, (modern cars don't do this) but it costs more to install the pumps in different places and individually bolt them down, rather than stick them all on a skid and drop them in for less expensive factory production.  All of the side panels are fully removable to get to the components.  This is very,( super)  much better for service.  Saves you a lot of labor charges on out of warranty repairs.  All of the components plug in, unbolt, unscrew to be repaired and most of the water joints can be repaired instead of replacing the parts.  
  • With all the refinements in design we have the quietest spas with full filtering and full powerful therapy you can get. If your spa is outside your bedroom you might hear, (if you are very young and have powerful hearing) a hum when it comes on to filter or heat: super quiet.  While the spas are on high speed, you hear water, not loud equipment sounds. The sound of a Haven Spa on full is "music to my ears". As an engineer I hear other spas and they sound like they are on self destruct mode...because they are.
  • The filters can't be any easier to access.  Programming can't be any easier.  Most models take 30 seconds to program the filter times and if you don't want to program it, that is fine.  It will function automatically.  It is important to be able to adjust the filter duration to match the use of the spa, so we make that available.  If a spa needs more filtering, we have that, less we have that.  If you are stuck with a tiny circ pump that is inadequate to begin with, you can't add additional filter times, only chemicals.
  • On our upgraded cover we feature a much higher level of safety for children with 8 locking tie-downs.   This makes it twice as hard for a toddler to gain access to the spa.  It also helps a great deal with high winds of up to 80 to 90 mph gusts.   You have to use a key to open them for safety around children.
  • Our Haven Wood steps are super strong as well.  We use 52 deck screws in the construction to insure that it never collapses under normal loads , even two or three people standing on it. (now priced at $350, but they are very nice) We offer several of the composite steps as well. Composite siding and steps are much more popular these days.
  • Our complete set of supplies is huge and is not a start up kit.  I don't believe in playing that game with customers.  Why not supply the spa with all the necessary chemicals?  If you want a starter kit, we have them.   I think we did one in the last 20 years.  We don't stock them.
If you can give me one, even one good reason to buy another brand, I would like to hear it.  Really! Please email me, I would love to hear about it.  jim@havenmade.com, 

We are proven to be the nicest and best hot tub company to deal with.  Our products have made a lot of spa sales people angry, but so what?  They being nasty on the net and making up false stories of Jim,  has never stopped smart people from getting what they want.  You need to see that we are making a huge impact on the spa industry.   If you really want to be satisfied, like Haven owners, then, it is obvious. You've got one choice. 

I am known in Europe as the "de Massagebad Professor"

While the major brands continue to find ways to be profitable, like cutting the cost of  everything, lowering the quality, and raising the prices we keep the quality high and add more durability and quality each year, while we cut out the food chain and sell direct.

The "spa dealer" is a thing of the past, because there is no need for them. The internet has removed that link.  There is no other way in this modern world to offer this product at these bargain prices. Consider that just advertising in a spa store (if you want to sell any of them), per spa is about $500 each spa. Then add the cost for space, $10,000 per month min for a very small store, then add the commissions for sales people, and then add the cost of the spa factory's advertising, and sales people who go out and solicit dealers, and so on.  You can see why the spas, themselves are very low quality all dressed up to look nice. It is a dying idea of the past, as proven by the market today.  When I started out as the number one, first pioneer of internet spa sales, people hated me then and did all they could to stop me; telling direct lies to my prospective customers and other evil actions in order to save a dying marketing industry.

We sleep well at night knowing that we do the best possible for our customers and we know they are benefiting from a hot tub with better design, therapy, and energy savings that will outlast all the rest.That is what I have given to them, from nearly 47 years of hard work and education.

James Arjuna, the most "dissed" spa professional on earth, and very satisfied with that classification.  The competition hates me, and I mean I have had death threats by one of two of them.  How is it that modern humans are so controlled by money and desires. Contentment is true wealth.  It gives peace and rest; allowing the mind to be creative.  If one is stuck in some archaic concepts that have made money in the past, and I came along and was a threat to that system of livelihood, then it is true that fear of loss is a mental disease and it does cause people to hate.  Fear of change, fear of better and fear of improved life is a disease as well.   In a world where change is the only thing that is real, why is change such a threat?


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