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 1997 through 2017

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                        Super Custom Fallsburg

2017 MODEL  (Scroll to see photos below)

The Standard Paramount Fallsburg model was our most popular spa ever. It is what I consider  an "almost perfect" spa design. So, naturally it is the model that we took to customize to the highest level of approaching perfection there is,  The SCF and the SCF Magnum. The regular model surpasses all the competition's spas in construction, components, design, reliability and therapy, but that doesn't satisfy me in my quest for perfection. 

This is truly the best spa in the world. Powerful, Strong, Long Lasting, Quiet, beyond any expectations.  People who buy Mercedes, Rolls, Bugatti, Custom Super Cars, are Super Custom Spas owners. The price removes most people from the market of owning one.

We haven't lost a wet test comparison between a competitive model and the regular Fallsburg. The Fallsburg is an amazing product.  Each year we think that the competition is going to try and do better, to actually try and copy some of our improvements, but they keep going in the wrong direction towards cost cutting  (selling to average lower market) and not seeking perfection in the craft of spa building.  (See this example) This is our place in the world of spas; making the best there is.  It is really a painstaking way, but much more satisfying.

Here is the problem for other spa factories. 
When an engineer gets a degree it is in a very narrow field of science. The higher the degree in science or engineering the smaller the field.  This was set up for a purpose, but that purpose is opposite or counter productive to what a spa designer needs.  You need:  Structural Engineering, Composite Engineering, Electrical Code Engineering (for CE, UL and Industrial wiring codes) ,  Electronics (including PLC, PCB design, Power controllers, Power Supplies, IC use and cables and wire conducting use.)  Then you need hydraulic and pump engineering to understand how to use water jets and  pumps correctly (We have never observed in detail, any other spa company with the knowledge of  how to set up a jet system in balance to the pumps and electrical so it runs for 10 years or more without problems.  It is what we do. And we have full and VERY powerful jets.)  Wood and composite integration.  Materials Manufacturing and tooling.  Mechanical Engineering used to produce intricate parts used in the operation of our Super Spas. We have industrial level of control systems, valving systems, and air power systems that no one has ever even thought of;  Thermodynamics combined with acoustic design for extremely quiet and the highest energy efficiency ever tested in any spa.

Then you need to understand the nature of the human body and all of the pressure points for therapy and blood circulation.  We integrate much of our medical spa technology into our Super Spas.  If you want the best health benefits from warm water therapy, we are the only ones who have this figured out.  The SCF Magnum for 2017 has integrated programmed therapy seats.  It is designed to issue peristaltic blood recovery from legs and feet and to save people with poor circulation from diabetes or any health condition to get healing blood to those tissues.  Neck therapy where there is so much tension.  A variety of Jet patterns specifically designed to reduce muscle tension. 

What we do, anytime whither the economy is good or bad, is to continue to make better and stronger products, more efficiently, and much more reliability than has ever occurred in spas;  research ways to do better and then fully test.  We contacted the motor company and the pump company and are building the "Ultimate Jet Pumps" ourselves for our Haven SE, SC and SCM Spas.  We have never seen a more reliable, nor as powerful spa motor/pump combination and  nobody else is even buying parts of this quality for spas.  This is the reason we have no "real" competition in the spa industry. The Super Custom Spas and most of our lesser models,  have absolutely no competition, because it is refined from the inside out.   All the components are beefed up and so is the shell.  The control box is now industrial strength, with high current switching on all the motors in our huge steel control box.  The plumbing is as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

We manufacture the Super Custom Magnum for people who can afford the highest end spa ever made, and we keep on improving it each year.  We went all the way with industrializing the entire equipment compartment.  It is a tremendous amount of hard and detailed work. We also took the DAIT to a new Level 6 this year.  It will keep the spa so quiet and so energy efficient that other brands of spas sound like "thrashing machines" when they run with not even 1/4 of the water movement in comparison.

The Super Custom Magnum Fallsburg, Timberlake or Brookfield are a totally new entity in the hot tub world. It has the sleekest, "cleanest" designed plumbing there is with the most modern and powerful spa pumps available, stainless steel motor shafts and Class F insulation.  The jetting and plumbing are balanced to give from the lightest to the most intense therapy you have ever experienced, without taxing the components.  All of the equipment has overbuild in it for longer life.

The Super Custom Magnum Fallsburg model ( I had to call it something! ) is the most water flow efficient real therapy spa in the world.  It is also one of the best therapy machines on earth and now it is also the closest to perfection on energy use there is and with the least amount of chemicals.  The other "bests" are the SCM Lakeshore, SCM Brookfield. And the new SC Pinecove and SCM Timberlake.

The normal Fallsburg (and now all of our spas) is superior to every spa out there, but because I am a spa person, (spa fanatic is what some people call me), I have designed upgrades on the Fallsburg and the Paramount models and call them the Magnums.  It has a fifth therapy pump designed to move about 35 to 45 GPM (gallons per minute) for up to 24 hours of strong filtering and it also works as the power jet pump and the foot massage pump. The purpose of this pump is to relieve the "jet pump number one" of the main filtering and heating duties and this is the best filter system on earth. This eliminates the drag or resistance to flow the filter and heater creates, even though we have designed in a relief valve and huge filters and pipes, the filter and heater create the need for two extra 90 degree sweep  turns on the pressure side.  The new circulation pump for is a modern piece of engineering marvel.  The low speed is 1/8 HP and the high is 3 HP.  It doubles as a power jet pump as well as taking care of the filtering, ozone, heating and creating an amazing level of thermal efficiency by putting a warm air barrier inside the cabinet. (This cuts the cost to run on the SC spas to the level of lower energy than a 1/2 HP spa with no blower, using old fashioned full foam.) The power jet is strategically placed on a low back jet that gives the most powerful therapy for low back there is.  I just love this jet for my lower back pain.

The Super Custom Fallsburg spa is as powerful in pumps as you can have in a residential spa. Four 4 HP,  1.5 HP air, plus the 3 power jet pump,  and heat, runs the spa so 70/80 Amp service is best. (60 Amp service optional by switching pumps electrically) amps full load. So we can't get any larger pumps, but we can get a increase in water flow by making the jet pump's plumbing extremely clean.  That is what we have done.  Current owners of the Super Custom Magnum are avid lovers of their spa. Not only is it the most reliable, quietest spa and energy efficient on the planet, it outperforms every other spa from any company. 

For the jet pumps, we put in 7 each, 258 GPM safety suctions in the bottom of the spa. These are aligned as directly as possible into the 2.5 inch suction manifold plumbing and directly into the pump with few turns in the 2.5 and 2.38 inch pipe and a straight shot into the pump. This is as close as physically possible to putting the end of the pump in the wall of the spa. By safety standards we must use two ( UL safety and break away suction) suction fittings.  This is known in hot tub engineering as the goal of perfect "flooded suctions", with the least resistance to the water movement.  There is no way to make this any better.

Any restriction on the suction side has a tremendous effect on the water pressure coming out of the pump and ultimately to the jets.  It also has adverse effects on the energy use of the motors by overworking them. This is why all Haven spas have clean plumbing on the suction side, as clean as the price of the spa will allow and our spas outperform other brands that use similar size pumps for this reason.*

On the pressure side we put in ONE large radius 3 inch sweeps , instead of two or three 90 turns  (and the filter and the heater).  This makes for a short path with low resistance to the manifold. And we use solid pipe or 2 3/8 in high vinyl mass flex pipe, as much as possible on the pressure side. The smoothest walls inside the pipe make for less resistance to flow. Solid pipe requires more precise cuts and we use a chop saw and tooling to cut the pipe to eliminate gaps in the plumbing.  Any gap in the connections causes extreme turbulence and sonic resistance to water flow.  You must cut the fittings to have the smallest gaps at any joint.

This is because the pumps are drawing water from the bottom of the spa and the water pressure to the pumps suction is better, and much fewer air bubbles are sucked into the pumps volute. (Drawing water in from only filters is a bad design by scientific fact for water flow and least restrictions.)  You want all the "natural head" you can get for maximum power to the jets with the least energy use of the motors. 

The result is much (awesome) more powerful jets without increasing the HP of the pumps (or adding one or two more jet pumps to compensate for normal plumbing), and quiet smooth water transitions.  It runs extremely smooth and quiet with all these extras.
These Ultimate jet pumps sound like a jet engine with the dual turbine cooling fans.  There is no other pump like this on earth, because we are the only company who can afford to use it.

With the 40 GPM circulation/power jet  pump we outlet in two ways into the spa, one large jet for water flow and good motion into the spa so the water is fully stirred and agitated as it is filtered, no scum line with regular care (as in the tiny circ pump spas). The second outlet is for the SCF Ozone system.  This is a true 24 hour circulation/filtering/ozone pump and very different than a tiny 7 GPM, (worthless), circ pump. The pump is a larger, 48 frame, motor with a very long life expectancy.  (It is also made in Italy, where the average IQ is over 100, and much higher quality.)

All of the jets in the backs of the spa are the large 3/8 inch to 1 inch orifice jets that produce a wide pulsating therapy that does not feel like a "pencil poking" your back. These are the real therapy pumps that we use on other models in limited numbers, because of the water flow available in those models.

This is a "dream therapy spa".

We added a second topside opposite to the main control. It sits facing the inside and is easy to reach.  The Livft Brand Ultimate Deluxe,  controls used are strong, and  are extremely advanced and extremely safe and reliable. The power to these tremendous motors is fed through high amp relays.

The SCF now comes standard with the ultimate DAIT Level 6  system as well. The level 6 offers a total of R-38 static insulation to the outer walls, increasing the effective insulation to R-90 with the heat barrier created by the circulation pump. The cabinet is sealed and we mean sealed. We even use a rubber gasket on the door panels and screw them shut with hidden fasteners for a clean look cabinet. This is the most important thing to make a real thermally closed spa. And this method does not deteriorate with time. The materials are not just some foam sprayed on the outer walls.  The panels weight about 50 Lbs each side.  super high density composite material.

There is no spa like the Super Custom Magnum Fallsburg. and although I don't like things being exclusive, our whole spa design (on every model is not copied)  is exclusive to our spas.  We are the only company who loves spas to this degree, so much so that we focus totally on the design of the spas and in customer service.

The results of these high end modifications are: more jet pressure available, even quieter operation, cooler running pumps,  the best water ozone treatment, and extremely filtered water, while maintaining an extremely efficient energy consumption that we are known for.  The main jet pumps last longer (15 years is the standard) because of  the super clean water flow and highest degree of motor cooling and the least need for chemicals.  The pumps always work in the "sweet spot" with minimal turns, completely flooded suctions and are only used for therapy.    The plumbing is "out of the way" and the jets are the only real back pressure, which is close to perfection as is humanly possible.  You can not find another spa with this level of quiet and power that runs with such low energy costs. We have recorded 4.5 KWH on the coldest winter days, with thermal blanket and our 5 inch high density cover.

Most of the spa is built at the factory in Holland, but the custom final touches are done here at the Spa Farm.  I have read many spa specification sheets and seen many spas and no one has a spa built this well that I have seen or read about.  This is the spa that the whole line of Haven Spas is modeled after.  It is our "flagship". 
James Arjuna

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hot tubs The foot well is very large and not obstructed Notice the 4 ANSI conforming safety suction fittings.The SCF Magnum has 7 suctions all set in with safety first.

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