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Hydrogen Peroxide

It came to my attention several years back that some people were using hydrogen peroxide in their spas (and pools) instead of bromine or chlorine. After investigating all the pros and cons of using hydrogen peroxide I have determined that it is unsafe to be handled by people at home. The concentration of spa hydrogen peroxide range from 25% to 35%. This is not the same as you buy in the grocery store which is 3%.

I have seen spa stores put five gallon containers of 35% hydrogen peroxide in the front seat of housewife's cars, with the baby in the back seat child carrier. The child might as well not be in the safety seat. The housewife has no information on how dangerous the container is!

This is a somber subject, and I am not one to enjoy writing about these things, but I feel it must be done.

According to the safety sheets put out by the hydrogen peroxide manufacturers, you should not even consider using it for an in home spa. The only place where it might be considered to be used is in a commercial environment, where professional handlers are controlling the stuff. You must wear protective clothing, goggles, chemical proof gloves, a non flammable apron, and chemical safe boots. The peroxide levels must be monitored at least three times per day in case the automatic chemical feeder overdoses the spa. High levels of hydrogen peroxide will burn lung tissue, and burn eye tissue. If the stuff is splashed in your eye it burns your cornea, blinding you. If you go tao a spa that uses hydrogen peroxide, I suggest you take a hydrogen peroxide test kit with you. Anything above 200 PPM can cause some bad irritations.

In the spa water it seems quite OK at 30 to 40 PPM, and it works to help control bacteria, but it is not even the best non-chlorine/bromine sanitizer available. You have to shock the water more often, and it needs an ozonator. It is also the most expensive of all the methods of spa care. There is no reason on earth to use liquid hydrogen peroxide in a spa or pool, except that the people who sell it are making a lot more money than with any other chlorine/bromine free system. The sales pitch used is that the by-products of hydrogen peroxide are safe for the environment. If it harms or kills your family members, who cares about the environment! No one knows how much it shortens your life to breath the stuff!

Some spa manufacturers warranties are invalidated by using hydrogen peroxide. It destroys the light lenses and the fiberoptic fixtures

If you are using hydrogen peroxide, because you do not want chlorine or bromine or harsh chemicals, please consider the Drop-in power silver/copper spa care system. It costs less and is much safer, uses less shock, and doesn't need an ozonator!

The water also feels much better than any spa water, and it is much better for your skin and eyes! There is nothing I have found that works better!

When I first tried the power ionizer systems I was skeptical (as usual), so I had my wife set up parties at our spa store, we served food and drinks, while eight people used the Ionized spa for over two hours. This is a severe test for any residential spa sanitizer. It worked extremely well! I didn't believe it so I had three more parties in the same spa, with people getting in and out for several hours. Still no bacteria, the water smells great, and feels great. Everyone loved the water and commented on the way it made their skin feel!

It is also absolutely environmentally safe!

The silver/copper powered ionizer is not dependant upon circulation of the water, it doesn't require as much maintenance, and you may never have to buy any sanitizing chemicals at all if you augment it with the oxidizer system! Most spa stores ( and pool) will poo poo any system that doesn't need you to buy chemicals.

We at the Spa Specialist Inc. see these types of devices as the "wave of the future", we fully support what works even though after you buy one we lose our sanitizer sales.

Don't use concentrated hydrogen peroxide at home. Please!

April 17,1998

We received this mail from someone who is selling concentrated Hydrogen peroxide to the public.


Rob wrote;
> Let me tell you something. I learned a long time ago not to talk about
> things you know nothing about. Don't put up info on the net if you are
> not sure of your facts. H202 in its diluted solution is safer than
> anything else on the market. Just because you are selling something
> different, doesn't make a case for misinfromation. yes you have to
> handle a concentrated product carefully, but it is the case with any
> cocentrated chemical.
> You are a putz
> --

Apparently you do not exist. I tried looking up BioS#fe Systems on
three search engines. Your Email address keeps being returned by my server.

Because I always respond to all my email, I am going to post your letter
on our Spa Care Tips page.

When someone starts out with "Let me tell you something." I know I
touched a nerve. The problem is all my research into concentrated H202
has shown that the use of it in pools and spas is OK after it has been
diluted to 30 to 40PPM. The biggest concern is that it is so much more
hazardous for in home use, that it is not even listed by the
manufacturers for use in pools. It is not even the most powerful
disinfectant, and it still is irritating to some people, because it is a
heavy oxidizer. We have found that the powered silver/copper ionizer system is superior in
all ways to any of the non-chlorine systems, and it is 100% safe, 100%
environmentally friendly.

I have personally worked in pool and spa stores that sold H2O2 to the
public and have talked to women who had choking episodes from the
automatic feeders. I have seen service techs with burns on their hands
because they were not wearing proper gear. I have never seen anyone get
burned by dry powdered chlorine/bromine products.

Because most housewives, husbands, and children are not trained in
proper chemical handling of hazardous oxidizers,(ie goggles, gloves,
respirator, plastic aprons, rubber boots), we can not condone the use of
35% or even 10% concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. All it takes is
one drop of that in someone's eye and the cornea is burned and ruined

This is the URL of the safety information required by law for handling hazardous concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Please reconsider your statements!


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