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Home and Garden  Show

My favorite story about the home shows is: the guy who came into the store showroom after he got the "deal of the decade" on his spa from the "factory representative" who gave a special deal; supposedly over a thousand off any showroom price. ( This was in a store I worked at in Denver.)

When the customer came in and realized that he paid over $1000 more for the "deal" over the showroom prices, he came unglued; to say it in a euphemism.

Buying a spa should NEVER BE AN "IMPULSE PURCHASE".     If you take less than one month of weekends the odds are about 95% that you made a poor choice, or you  could have made a much better choice, if you  had done the research.

The home shows are a great place to shop, but not as great to purchase. The sales professionals are often brought in from out of state to get a lot of spas sold. It is really a slick situation. Lots of people, lots of spas. Why continue shopping?

The "factory" sales representative may be selling for another factory next week.

After all everyone is there, and if you can't find one there, you never will. Not exactly.  The factory representatives are there to get money, not to offer special deals. They make it sound really good. The commissions are heavy. And the sales presentations are powerful.  If you have studied the market prior to going to a  "show", then you will know what the prices are. You will also notice that there are very few spa stores who have displayed prices. 

It costs a lot of money to do a home show. Here are some recommendations. Deal only with local people, and if you really like the spa, go buy it at the showroom at regular showroom prices after you wet test; not at a home show specials (almost always more $).  I guarantee if you get a price at the home show, you can get it at the store.  Or if you do purchase the spa  at a "home show special" get a price guarantee that if you can find the spa for less later, they will refund the difference.  IN WRITING.  

If you go on the last day, you might get a "special deal". Actually you might get a decent deal. Better to wait and think about it go shopping some more, and please read my book "How Spas Are Made".  I always recommend that people go shopping to be sure the spa ( when they buy a Spa Specialist spa ) is the best spa for them.

I love to hear stories of shoppers who read my book and then go shopping with knowledge. They ask the right questions. Sometimes the educated customers tell me the reactions to the questions.

They ask about the insulation, framing,  plumbing, jetting , and of course the tiny "circ" pump. Just the word "circ" make the sales guys apprehensive. Only spa professionals call it a "circ" pump.

Sometimes the sales person will ask the customer who read my book: "What spa store do you work for?" It is a common practice to send new sales people to "shop the competition". ( When they come to my store, they get a
feeling like they are selling the wrong spas.)

After all no customer should know any of this. Get a copy of my book. Unless you like being fleeced, you need to read it. Don't be vulnerable to slick "nice" sales people.

We are offering it free for only  a few more days. Just call or email and ask for the "free book offer" from the message board.  Ending Sept. 15, 2005
1-888-478-2224  It is only available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

There are no brands mentioned in the book; just spa designs and engineering concepts explained in lay terms.

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