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Week of October 12, 1997

Nature2 and Other Ionizers

This weeks Spa Care Tips was prompted by a letter from one of our readers. Ionizers are the "wave of the future" in spa sanitizing.

Nature2 cartridges
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 12:02:46 -0600
Alan P

When I purchased a Emerald spa, I was please to see that I made a
choice that at least meet a number of the points that you make in
your newsletters. Anyway, when I went to do the chemical thing, I
wanted a low maintenance and low cost way. I went with the
Nature2 because it says it lasts 4 months. I said sure. Then I
found that I needed to use Renew (shock) at 1 cup a week and a
Tbs. after each use. Now that my bottle of Renew is running out I
am rethinking my current process.

Your bromide and ozone paper raised some questions with what I am
doing. The spa has a low pump cycle (not a circ pump), but the
Nature2 goes in the skimmer basket. I also have an ozonator, and
I wasn't sure how all of these interacted. A salesman for a
different brand of spa told me that with the ozonator I could
half my Renew regiment to ‡ cup a week and 1 Tbsp ever other time
in the spa. I use it just about every night.

What is your opinion of the Nature2, Renew, etc. I know that I
may not purchase my chemicals from you, and I didn't find your
articles and spas on the net until after I ordered mine; however,
I trust you because you are willing to answer questions and help
anyone who locates your pages. Is there a mailorder place to
purchase chemicals (get them cheaper)?

Thank you for reading and for your response.


Dear Al;

Your choice of the Emerald spa is good. A friend of mine up in Steamboat is a dealer for them. The insulation design is quite good. I am not that familiar with the Emerald shell manufacture, so I can't say anything about that. I like them quite a lot in general! If your power goes off at below freezing, you have time for remedies. They do capture heat from the equipment. I did consider them for our store. ( 10/98 and now have added them to our line of spas. They have a great shell structure. )

A couple of years ago I received a free sample of the Nature 2 silver crystal ionizer. I tried it out on my 8 ft. sq. spa. It didn't seem to be able to hold up under heavy use. I use my spa a lot. I had to use some chlorine powder to augment the ionizer as well as use the standard extra shock.

The latest version of these ionizers are quite a bit better, and seem to work well. The standard 4 month replacement may not work if your spa gets a lot of use and you will have to use a considerable amount of shock (potassium peroxymonosufate).

Here are some "ifs" for the Nature2. If you want to use less shock, you can if you shower each time you use the spa, and don't stay in for over one hour. If it is just you and one or two other people who are extra clean before they get in, you may not need to shock before going in, but put the full dose in after you get out. If the water gets at all cloudy, (and the pH / total alkalinity is within tolerances), increase the dosage of shock and or length of filter times. I recommend 8 hours for any spa as a minimum. The longer the ozonator runs, the better! The ozonator is important with Nature2

You can use a little chlorine granular to augment the Nature2, but never use bromine with it. You can put the chlorine in after you get out, so you never have to be in a chorine tub. With any system you and you alone are in control and may come up with a method that works for you. All factory recommendations are to insure full bacteria protection, and are usually a bit of overkill to fit all situations. There is a bacteria kit (or was) that you can buy to test for bacteria. If you want one I can check and see if they are still available. The best test for water is checking for bacteria if you are unsure.

In order to eliminate chlorine or bromine, most people are willing to go for the extra costs of the shock and the Nature2 replacements.
I sincerely believe it is well worth the extra cost. I just love the way the water feels. Any one with sensitivity to chlorine or bromine, should absolutely use an ionizer system!
There is no chemical smell at all.

Bromine with ozone is still the standard and least expensive way to go. I set up most of my new spa customers with a bromine system, but I always offer the Nature2 and other alternative methods. (As of April 99, we now set up all new spa owners with the Copper/Silver ionizer system)

If you are having problems with the Nature2, you may want to increase the filtering cycles to longer and longer until the ion levels are strong enough. This will shorten the life of the cartridge, but it is normal, and directly related to the amount of usage (just like you would use more bromine with a heavy bather load in a bromine spa). You could add another cartridge, and keep the filtering less. (They also make huge cartridges for swimming pools).

We now offer a drop in (no plumbing) ionizer that uses both silver and copper. If you would like information on it, please call.

You do not need an ozonator with the powered ionizer system, but it doesn't hurt either. The other thing about the powered ionizer is that you can test for the ion levels, and know what is in the water. I like it that I can see test results showing how much sanitizer (ions) are in the water.

We offer all accessories for spas. Just call our toll free number, and we will quote you a price. 1-888-478-AAAH! (2224). I am working on a website catalog, but prefer to have people call to place orders.

Most important, NEVER GO IN A SPA WITH CLOUDY WATER without testing and checking for the reason. You should always be able to see the writing on a new quarter at the bottom of your spa.

The powered ionizer is an exception, since no bacteria can grow in a fully ionized water. The ionized water can have a tiny little small fog of cloudiness, because there is no bromine or chlorine or shock in it (bleach) With a powered ionizer, you shock maybe once a week with two ounces, or add three tablespoons of chlorine powder to shock it. It beats out all systems for nice water!

Thanks for your question!

Jim Arjuna

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