Bullet Jets on Spas

One of my pet peeves these days is the way spa companies are fooling consumers with the “jet count” in these spas.

What they are doing is to put in a lot of cheap “bullet jets” ( the spa industry jargon for small jets.) to increase the numbers of jets in the catalog.

I have seen spas with as many as 150 jets and all of them are cheap bullet jets.  That is the extreme.  

Here is a typical spa with tons of bullet jets being sold as a “premium luxury product”.  It is actually a hyped up product with many shortcuts in the production. It is touted with “47 jets”, but in reality is has the equivalent water flow of  20 mixed real jets.

There are 47 jets total, but only 11 real jets and 36 cheap bullet jets. This spa is being sold as a "high end" product.
It is a low end product, that it sold at high prices.

Crapdera Spas
Notice the loose filter lid as well.  This spa is so out of date and poorly designed that I don't understand why they are still sold.
There are three, count them,  three diverter valves that are poorly plumbed. And they use the ridiculous tiny circulation pump.

If you take a look at our Haven Spas the only “bullet jets” we use in in the legs of the lounge, and we use a very few to supplement the large jets in some of our economy models.  

If you want your back massaged, you need real jets; massage jets.  The standard in the spa industry is 3/8 and 1/2 inch for a massage jet nozzle.  The bullet jets have 3/16 to 1/4 inch jet nozzle orifice.  The real jets use 4 to 10 times the amount of water than bullet jets do to produce an amazing massage.  That is why this spa only has 48 frame jet pumps, with not much water flow.  If you check out their web site, you  will see how much motor heat is wasted, by blowing it outside the box in front of the spa.

The amount of massage is directly related to the size of the jet orifice.  The other factors are the amount of water pressure and the type of deflection or action the jets has.

We have found that the most therapy for your larger back muscles comes from large jets and large rotating jets with strong pressure are the best.

For the center of your spine, away from kidneys and larger muscles, small jets are great. 

Take a look at the Fallsburg model.  http://www.spaspecialist.com/falls.html
Or the http://www.spaspecialist.com/SCF.html
Look at all the Haven Spa line.
How many bullet jets do you see directly on the human back in a Haven Spa?