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Updated; June  2012,   Constant updates 
I have done more to educate people about staying away from  problematic hot tubs than any other person on earth.  (Each time you see a link, click on it and read. It can save you  thousands of dollars.)
Over 10,000,000 people, throughout the world, have read our site my book and our Q and A. That is having an impact on hot tub sales.  I am glad that the word is out on hot tub companies and the manipulation used on consumers who are not aware of the nonsense used to convince people to buy. If there is one thing about hot tubs that needs to change is for consumers to be educated on hot tubs.

The first thing I ask people when they come to shop is; "How much do you know about hot tubs?"  The answer is nearly always: "Not much."
Shopping for a fine quality spa at a hot tub store, is far more difficult than searching for the cause of existence in old rocks.  Every where shoppers go, they have the "best spas".  So, we know that someone is not truthful.    An educated consumers is a better consumer and the consumers will buy quality, because they understand quality and value after they do the research needed.  They will buy from a nice salesman, because they feel comfortable with the deal. After you own the product or (later purchase a better spa) that you realize if you did OK or not.

Don't you think a combination of "nice salesperson and a real quality product" is far better?  Most spas are sold as "high end" are really not. They are as high end as the manufacture can make within the limits of the profits.

By eliminating all the middle people and sell direct to consumers, a company can, (but does not always) make the products better with the extra money saved by not having middle people in the sales trail of the spa.

In the beginning most of our Haven buyers were engineers, because they do understand the physical world and that gives them an advantage over the average consumer. We made a stance on advertising that has some adverse results with people who are "technically challenged" and think our blunt approach is wrong.  The evidence is in the back yards of Haven Spa owners.   Don't you think you owe it to yourself to find out why?

Don't believe anything I have to say either.  Find out if it is true. Do some research; contact our customers; contact your engineer friends and have them read our technical articles.

My father taught me to not believe people who have agendas, to find the truth for myself.  He told me that people will believe anything and think it is real because they "heard this" or they "heard that" or they believe some "authority".  His premise has never failed to prove true. 


  To those who understand common sense, logic, reason, and see for themselves, we are among the best products you can own. 

We, at Haven, agree, now, because it makes us feel empathy towards people, to think that someone bought a piece of  cheap  plastic stuffed with high density foam, with three way diverters, weak pumps and poor filtering, for over $10,000 of hard earned money.  Simply because of a nice salesman and a bunch of fake, manipulative advertising nonsense that sounds so sweet to the ears.  (I have been accused of being blunt.)

 I have found that people who want to manipulate you into their agendas, will deceive themselves and you ("tickle your ears", as Dad used to teach me). Those who really care will tell you the truth, even at the cost of sales or reputation.
We are in business today, and in a better position than ever with even more innovations (2012) to continue to eclipse the competition.  We actually have a model line called "Eclipse" because that is an appropriate name for them.

 If you want a really fine hot tub product, you own it to yourself to read this, contact our customers and find out the truth.

Don't worry we are still finding educated people who understand about physical science and ethics and we are rapidly expanding in Europe now.
 We cause people to stop, look and wait to make an informed decision.
 We help people to understand what is going on and how these hot tub companies are taking advantage of  consumer's lack in knowledge about hot tubs.  And the competition feels the pinch from us  http://www.spaspecialist.com/Bogus.html
   There has never been a case of "wolves in sheep's clothing" more than in the present condition of the spa industry.  There are many people who will tickle your ears with what they know you want to hear in order to sell you something, but an ethical person tells the truth as best as they know it. And if you are only getting your information from the people who indoctrinated you (as a sales person), you are not honest with yourself by not taking the time to study the market..  In this case, especially with the larger spa manufacturers teach you unethical, deceptive, agendas to sell with. Some truth mixed in with BS is the normal sales pitch.

Ignorant people who live off rhetoric, supplied by an unethical spa company, will tend to believe the rhetoric.  Ethics is lacking today in the US. It is at the foundation of the US economic problems. 
When you consider that most spas are substandard (way below my minimum standards), and the most expensive ones from the large corporations are real flashy products with no strength, you can understand why these salespeople really don't like how we educate consumers.

  The end result is a lot of broken down hot tubs in people's back yards and after seven to ten years you take it to the dump and add more problems for the environment.  (Have Spas are designed to last a minimum of 20 years with abuse, and over 30 years with care. Using non chemical treatments.)

I don't know many men who would admit they got screwed on a spa (or anything)  deal, as long as the spa lasts a few years.  It is an ego thing. 
The "problem" the competition has is our positive reputation record with all consumers and our customers.  We really do care about other people, and our relationship and responsibility to them.  (Other spa companies just don't have what it takes to cut it using modern designs and testing.  If all you see is copies of each other and the sales pitches with "conviction", you know someone is not honest.) It is not just about money, and if it were ever a choice of ethics over money, then I would stop if the only way to stay in business was to cut value in our products and mislead as these other companies do.  With the current economy it is getting worse for consumers of hot tubs. 
 It is not ethical to sell some substandard product to other people and to do so with statements like: "This is the best spa made."  This is just pure logic.   If you are a spa salesperson, you need to know what you are selling, by studying the market and this web site if you value your ethical stance.  If what you sell is not up to any real standard of quality, then why are you selling those products?  Instead of being angry with me, expand your knowledge,  get a better product to sell, and make a stance for improving the hot tub industry.
The fact is, the best "portable" spa made today is the Super Custom Magnum spas from Haven.  There is nothing that even approaches that spa from any other hot tub company. So, if they are telling you that they "have the best spas", it is a direct lie.  Our lowest end models are far better than many of the other company's, so called, "high end".  http://www.spaspecialist.com/Cameo_SilvercreekGold.html
  Most all of the Internet forums are run by hot tub sales people, and you will get the worst information from those sites.  Because the "Dog Dish" company, is the worst value today and has been for about 20 years as they keep cutting the quality and making them pretty (manufactured in Mexico).   But they do have the highest profits because of consumer ignorance. If you judge a company by its extreme profits as being the best, then by all means give them your money.
http://www.spaspecialist.com/hotspringUL.html (When I put up this page, it appeared at the top of the google searches for the topic. Since then the company has buried it in a mass of pages designed to bury it. They never contacted me about this page and have never denied it either.)




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