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James Arjuna, President
Havenmade Inc

 1997 through 2008

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Quality Spas and Hot Tubs 

The Shorewood Spa!

Havenmade Inc.

"Promoting ethics in the spa industry."

The Shorewood spa is one of our most popular models.  It is priced right in the middle but has features only found on extremely high end spas.   The shell is made from the best materials known to man for building spas acrylic, vinyl ester resin, and hand rolled fiberglass.   This has the history for lasting the longest and is fully repairable to like new look with the least cost to repair.

The Shorewood Silver is a common mold shared with the Shorewood Gold and the Shorewood SE.  We basically take out a few jets because it does not have two pumps.  It is, however, an excellent therapy machine for the money.  We have plenty of Shorewood Silver owners who praise the performance and therapy.  The turbo air feature adds more performance to this spa.  It is similar to adding one HP to the water pump by presurizing the water spray with air pressure.

 It has a 100 Square Feet of filter fiber and a very safe filter housing.  The Shorewood Silver is highest quality all the way.

(All of our Vista Series Models are better made and have better engineering than the competition's so called "hight end" spas!  When someone comes into our store and says that they just came over from the Sundance store and liked the Cameo, I show them the Meadowbrook Gold, or the Shorewood Gold, because it is a lot better made and has more jets and more total hoursepower and better therapy, better quality plumbing pipes, better filtering and with full turbo air. The pumps are full 4 and 5 HP and the blower is the most useful  in the industry for portable spas.  I am actually thinking of adding a second 1.5 HP blower on our Paramount models.)



We are working on the new photos for 2009 with more jets and more power.

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Click on image to download a pdf file on the
Fantastic DAIT insulation system!
Hot Tubs And Spas


Shorewood Silver Specifications

Size: 83 x 83 x 36 inches
Gallons: 325
Shell: acrylic, vinyl ester resin, hand rolled fiberglass.
Internal Cabinet:  2x4 frames with pressure treated on the bottom.  (This is the strongest  spa cabinet in current production in the US.)
Seating positions: 6 Adults
Number of Water Jets: 38
(SE has 30 jets)
Number of Air Jets; 18
Total Jets, Air and Water: 56
Pumps: 2 each 56 Frame 3 HP/ 2 speed
(rated at 200 GPM at 16 PSI)
Filter;  100 Square Foot
(special bypass valve system)
Air Pump: 1.5 HP
Power Storm Jets: 10 each adjustable and interchangeable.
Adjustable mid size; 8 each, adjustable and interchangeable
Above Water Neck Blaster Jets: 2 medium
(Optional Neck Collar with 4 neck and shoulder jets NEW for 2008 models)
Euro style jets;  6 small bullet style.
Turbo Air in all jets
Control System; Digital Electronic
(easy programmable)
Hand Rails;  2 each (real hand rails)
Insulation System: DAIT Level 3, with full function automatic adjustable insulation.
Cover:  Standard 3.5 - 2 in tapered
with four locking ties. (UL/ ASTM )
Electrical Service; 50 AMPs, 4-wire
Warranty; 10/5/2

Havenmade Inc,  (303)-920-1495  Toll Free: 888-478-2224

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