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Employment Opportunities
Date 11/12/2009

At Havenmade Inc.

The Spa Specialist

The Spa Specialist. Is a spa center in Colorado. We are located in the North Metro Denver area approximately half-way between Denver and Boulder, in a beautiful sunny location with over 300 days of sunshine every year. The mountain ski and recreation areas and are within a short drive.  The Broomfield  and Westminster, Colorado  area is a great place to live and still has fresh air. We respect our employees and have a great working environment.

To apply for these positions, send or email résumé. Résumé must include recent work history and what you were paid at each job, and references with phone numbers from each job. Send pay requirements.

Jobs Available:  Job Filled

Spa Delivery Driver; 

This is a cross country over the road position.  Pay is per trip, figured by miles driven and spas delivered.  Must be able to lift and have a good back.  We have specific directions with classes for delivering spas safely.  Part time per load if you want.  This is a fun job for those who like to travel and see nice places in this country and meet nice people.  I can't understand why we are not inundated with applications for this fun job.  Most every one who has delivered spas across country has enjoyed the experience.  It is very different than you think.  There has never been a job like this.

Imagine, showing up at a customers home with a gift that they are eagerly awaiting.  The experience is something that I love.  Sandy and I love the trips.  If you have a mate take them with you.

If you have ever wanted to travel and see the country, this is a fun job.  This job can rotate with other jobs at the Spa Specialist, and you do not have to live in Colorado to apply or to do this job.  CDL license is NOT required because of the size of the loads, but all other DOT regulations apply including have a current DOT physical, drug testing and keeping logs and vehicle inspections with minor repairs.  Must have good driving record and be bondable.

Good mechanical abilities and good physical condition. 

Havenmade  Inc.
14971 Raritan St.
Broomfield, CO 80023
Toll Free 1-888-478-2224


Spa/Pool Service Technician: Job Filled

Experienced spa/pool repair person. Able to repair all brands of spas and pool equipment. This is a great job for someone with electrical mechanical abilities. We mostly repair spas all brands and ages. Minimum experience 2 years. Must have own hand tools and submit a copy of driving record for our insurance. Gas heater and custom install experience is a great plus. We offer educational programs as well. We offer a great pay plan for this position, earn up to $21.65 per hour, plus bonuses for fully qualified (working with minimal supervision).

If you have related experience, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and have been involved with service truck work, we can train for this position.

To apply for these positions, send or email résumé. Resume must include recent work history and what you were paid at each job, and references with phone numbers from each job. Send pay requirements.

Job filled

Here is a chance to start working on the ground floor of a wonderful new division of The Spa Specialist.  We have designed the most modern of all spas, with a totally controlled environment inside the cabinet.  This job is great for a person who likes to work with their hands and hand tools and is teachable.  Electronic/Electrical assembly experience is required.

Job Duties include:
Assembly of the DAIT control boxes, using standard electrical and electronic tools, such as drill motor, wire cutters, wire strippers, wire connector crimpers and soldering and screwdrivers..  Must be able to read simple wiring diagrams and work safely with electrical hand tools. As the boxes are assembled, they are then installed in the Haven Spas.  I think it is a fun and interesting part of our business.

Pay is commensurate with skill level.  

Havenmade Independent Representative;  

Here is one of the greatest opportunities we have ever offered to anyone.  If you want to work for yourself part time to start, and possess people skills as well as mechanical and electrical skills or are teachable and have transferable skills (auto repair, appliance repair, plumbing, HVAC, electronics repair) you can make good part time money or full time.

Absolutely necessary to be a self starter, and self motivated and be teachable.  If you are you can earn an exceptional income and not be at the mercy of a boss.   We can help you to set up your own business and teach you how to make it work.

The main ingredient for success is honesty and integrity.  We sell the best and honor our commitments to our customers.  No "games played".   The majority of our customers are  friends, and we treat them as we would a close friends.

You sell and sometimes we supply leads in your area. Then you take care of your customers.   You get paid a percentage of the sale and get paid hourly for and warranty you do.  We have the best hot tubs on the planet are expanding into Solar Electric, Solar Heat, Solar Powered Street lights, and electric vehicles, musical instruments,.

With the failure of the economy in the last few years to support traditional spa stores and many small retail stores.  (Spa stores have been dropping like flies on RAID.) The traditional spa store is on its way out.  They just cannot make it in competition with us and Costco and any Mass merchant.  The days of the "mom and pop" retail store for hot tubs only are gone.

Because of our low overhead and extremely high quality, durable and best value products, we have earned a special place.  We are the longest lasting hot tub site on the net and there is a reason.  We do not have any real competition when it comes to value.  Our lowest end products are made better and last longer than the so called high end from the major players.  We are not after the "dumb sheep" shopper who will go to a store and fall for the hype of "the nice salesperson" and seem to have money to throw away.

We have a customer base of realistic people, who appreciate what we do and how amazingly different we are from the pack of traditional and out of date companies.
Our products do what we say no more no less, and our products and customer service out perform all that we have seen for the money.

Contact, Jim at 303-404-2224
Or Email