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James Arjuna,
The Spa Specialist
Havenmade inc

  1997, through
The Spa Specialist Inc.

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Introducing the SE models for 2010!!!

HavenMade  Inc.

"Promoting ethics in the spa industry."

We have received so much positive feedback on the Super Custom plumbing spas, that we have decided to take the the basic, super energy efficient, design of the Super Custom Fallsburg and extend it's main features directly to the rest of the line.   This includes a 48 frame *24 hour circulation pump, with  two 3 HP Executive 56 frame.  The outer wall insulation is three layers of "space age" insulation, costing close to five times what cheap full foam spas use.  The outer wall insulation is above R-30 but it also has full infrared reflection of the infrared energy of heat generated by the spa.  No other spa on earth has this level of insulation, except for the Super Custom Spas.  The total energy efficiency of this DAIT Level 4 system has never been achieved on any spa.

The results of this type of engineering is  longer life, longer times between any repairs, smaller electric bills because of the extreme energy efficiency and even quieter operation.  The filtering is much better with less overall cost to operate.  The 24 Hour* pump combined with the DAIT energy efficiency, is awesome!  The motors are better than in any spa we have seen.
There are special plumbing considerations to insure a completely "flooded suction" on each pump.  This allows the water pumps to produce the maximum water flow and pressure using the same motor energy.  Less wasted energy is the same as give the spa additional usable horsepower.  By engineering, instead of putting in more horsepower, we keep the energy consumption to a minimum and the power to a maximum to the jets.  SE spas "rock"!

Haven spas are very popular in cold climates, like Chicago winters or northern Minnesota.  SE spas are even better for these cold places, because of the continual warm air barrier created by the large, energy efficient,  circulation pump. You don't have to live in Chicago or Northern Vermont, or Maine to own a Haven.  They are more energy efficient by design, no matter where they are used.  Anytime the total energy of the spa is considered instead of simply stuffing the spa with foam, and using poor filtering you get much lower cost to own.  (The full foam spas often use weak pumps that do not filter correctly to cut costs on electricity).   The DAIT energy efficiency system utilizes all of the heat generated in the spa to create the most energy efficient spas with the lowest use of harsh chemicals you can own.

The price for the conversion to the SE is based upon the HP and the number of jet pumps (see below). For a complete Price List of the
SE spas Click Here

hot tubs and spas

*The 24 hour pump is now fully programmable  for total control over energy use.  In winter 24 hours a day.  In summer 8 hours is plenty.  Adjust to 12 Hr to 18 Hr in spring and fall.   At nearly 40 Gallons per minute that is better than any other circulation pump.  up to 58,000 gallons per day for prestine water quality. That is 129 times a day (450 gallons) the entire contents of the spa vessel is turned over.  In sumer with less spa use 19,200 gallons per day or 42 times a day (450 gallons) the vessel is turned over. (Other cheaply made products tout 10 to 15 times a day, like that is "good".  That does not even follow the ANSI safety standards for clean water.)

When you take the jet pump off the filtering, ozone and heating duties, it allows the jet pump to do what it was meant for;  all of the power is now available to the jets with the least amount of restriction to the water movement in the hydraulic system.   This has, for years, given the Super Custom Fallsburg the advantage in water therapy over all the other brands of spas , while keeping the energy consumption extremely low and making the spa run a lot quieter.  The benefits is more jet pressure at less cost for use and longer life on all the equipment.  Now it is available to most models.  I love to hear the Super Custom spas run. It is smooth with no pulsating sounds.  The pumps run in the "Sweet Spot".

New This Year 2010  24 hour filter, heat, ozone pump with fully programmable settings for summer through winter. 1.3 Amps 30 GPM 1/8 HP average flow.

This new pump is both a circulation pump and a Power Jet pump.  This is the only current pump with the amp rating of a circulation pump on a lower speed that can be programmed to run 24 hours a day and is adjustable for summer operation. This allows us to free up the jet pumps from the filtering to give the most powerful flow in the industry to the water jets. The filtering in this spa is the best there is in the industry. Over 50,000 gallons of turnover a day. Awesome!

This includes an up grade control box from Hydro Quip Gecko.

The pump is called the WaterWay Executive "Ultimate" System as it is listed in their catalog. It is their name for this pump, not mine. Try to find another pump in production that has a 56 frame 19 (FLA) amp two speed, with Class "F" insulation, double shaft seal protection, solid state starting, and double fan cooling from both ends of the motor!  The motor blows towards the wet end so that in 10 years if the seal leaks, the air blowing will help stop ground faults. It has heavy duty sealed bearings as well. The 4 HP has the same frame, however, less HP to fit the needs of the spa.

Here are the benefits of the Ultimate Pumps listed in the catalog, and all are exactly true, based on my personal experience in the electrical and electronics fields. It is not just one of the most expensive pumps around, it has value as most Water Way products do.


--Provides constant air flow over the body of the motor for cooler running and better performance.

--Time proven solid state switch is guaranteed to provide long life, quiet operation and millions of trouble free starts.

--Energy efficient design on high speed & solid state start-up on low speed eliminates the mechanical switch and reduces noise level.

--Features patented ball lock bearing technology for longer life and quiet operation.

This is the best spa jet pump in current production. It has an excellent pressure to flow curve, allowing full use of the same pump at different pressures and volumes. This gives us the opportunity to run 90 GPM jets and 13 GPM jets on the same pump at different pressures, by designing the positioning on the manifolds.

The benefits of the SE spas are many, but the short version, is they will out last any spa made today and run with extreme energy efficiency and because of the exceptional water flow the 3 HP acts like a 4 HP in terms of power at the jets compared to competitors spas.    This is due to the way the SE spas use the water pump in the most efficient possible way.  The pumps have a fully "flooded suctions".  There are actually Five inlets on the pumps .

With the changes this year two twin 3 HP pumps,   The DAIT fan is held in the off position longer, because the air around the motor is kept cooler.  This is some of the reasons the SCF is so energy efficient with such powerful therapy.

The super clean plumbing and the extreme filtering, make the SE spas the easiest spas to use Eco One or Instant Ions.  The filtering greatly reduces the amounts of halogen chemicals needed to care for the water.
(If it is not filtered out, it must be "burned out" by a chemical.)

The SE models are perfectly suited for the new extreme safety suction fittings that we have designed.  With this fitting, the jet pump will not run if the suction fitting is not perfectly in place.  There is no way for anyone to become entrapped in a Haven SE spa with these safety fittings, because the jet pump will not run, if the safety anti-vortex suction face plate is gone.

If you live in and extremely cold climate, the SE Models give even better thermal warm air barrier insulation, by producing 100% of the time a warm air chamber.  If the air is warmer than the spa water, there is zero heat loss out of the spa vessel and the plumbing pipes.

There is no better way to design and build spas.

Price List of the
SE spas Click Here

Click on image to download a pdf file on the
Fantastic DAIT insulation system!
Hot Tubs And Spas
  The Prices for the up grade are as follows.  Add the following amounts to the standard models. For a complete Price List Click Here

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