This is one of the most beautiful

 spas we have seen!

Our customers all rave about the comfort of this spas in comparison to all the other spas they have tried.   This year we have added more power 6.7 HP pumps and several more jets.  69 therapy jets and four circulation jets for a total of 73 jets.  The (Master Massage is similar to having
14 jets in one jet, so other companies are using 14 jets for the one Master Massage.)  We have exchanged the mid size jets in the seat backs for all
large orifice "Roto Storm" jets.
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This photo is a pearl finish spa at twilight.
We have had customers who have wet tested 11 different spas, and when they sit in the SCF, I don't have to sell anything, they ask to order one.
This spa is becoming legendary, from the first SCF in 2000 until now, no other company has been able to touch this model for therapy and for energy efficiency.
The 2006  model now has the DAIT level 4.  It is at the all time energy efficient level that is 20% the cost of any competitive spa with even twin 5 HP pumps and no air injection.
20% the cost of a standard out of date southern CA spa to operate in winter in the real world of most of the states in the US and in Europe. The problem these other companies
have is called ignorance of standard engineering principles and laws of science.  We are now about 30 years ahead of any competitive models with the SE and the SC spas.
While they are building stuff that conforms to 30 years ago, we are building actual value into our products. The cheapest spas we offer are better made than the highest end of the mass produced spas of Southern CA.

When customers fly in from out of state to test our spas, and they get into the SCF, I can see their minds whirling, trying to figure out how they can get the money to own a Super Custom Fallsburg.  If they can't afford one, I felt so bad that I developed the SE and the SE gold spas to give them a choice.  In the SCF there is nothing held back, but it is still less money than the high end from several not so good products from Southern CA.  If you want the absolute best spa ever made, you have to buy a SCF.  If you are OK with the second best, you need to look at the SE Gold spas. Many of our shoppers, once they figure out what we have will spend many hours trying to figure which of the Haven Spas to buy, that fits their budget and what the really want.  I have had customers take up to four years to get the money together to purchase a Super Custom Spa and they rave about the performance and the energy efficiency of this spa. 

When other companies tell you they have the "best" spa, try to find out why.  Their answers will always direct you back to the SCF or the SCB or SCT or SCL, because they just cannot compete with this level of spa.  The glut of these companies and the waste of human resources cause them to short cut the products and waste a lot of money in the "food chain".  Only a small, well trimmed and efficient company can build spas like the SCF and keep the prices under $20,000.
We don't have that problem, because the Haven Spas were developed as part of the information age, and we don't spend even one percent of the cost that they do for advertising.
We put all the money into the spas and about $10K per year in advertising.  The major spa companies spend well over  $10,000,000 per year in advertising, which equates to about 1/3 the wholesale cost of the sale price on the hot tub.  If you are truly into value and not into nonsense, then Haven Spas are your only choice.

Most of our customers, once they figure it out, spend about a month trying to decide which Haven Spa they are going to buy, because all of the others are eliminated, by logic and common sense.  Haven Spa owners are really very smart people.  One of our customers, as an example, is a medical doctor who teaches medicine in PA at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  We have many Ph. D.'s engineers and many scientists who will own nothing but a Haven Spa.  These people are not suckers for some advertisng slogan or some BS award that is nothing more than a greased palm award. That is why Haven Spas does not support these "clubs" like the ASPS or any of these guys who only care about money.

Why would you settle for anything less, and pay more money?  I still can't believe that people fall for all the sales, lies, and deception that is common in the spa industry.
Like I said, one of our customers, after shopping in a regular spa store, called me and told me to "change the name of our product, so we would not be associated with the spa industry."  Those were his exact words, and he owns a Fallsburg for about 6 years now, with no problems with his Fallsburg.
I have done everything I can think of to separate us from that industry, but people still find us by searching for "hot tubs".  If you want real value, and products that perform better than
advertised, then Haven is the only choice.  I still can't figure out why anyone would waste their money on a mediocre product that is way over priced.  But then, again, this is the US and people are free to make bad choices as much as they want.

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