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  1997 through 2009
Haevnmade Inc.

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  Super Custom
Hot Tubs

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"Super Custom Spas"  as Jim Says: "I had to call them something because they are in a class by themselves."  Then, this year, Jim decided to make one even better, the "SC Magnum"

The beginning of the Super Custom spas was after Jim had researched spa design to the "Nth degree" and decided to make a custom spa for himself, for personal use.  The final thing he wanted to integrate was an ozone system that actually worked better.  After talking to at least 17 people including, different engineers, water treatment people and ozone generator manufacturers and pool builders,  the SC Ozone system came into being. 

Then he started telling people about this amazing spa.  Never planning on selling them to anyone, because, he said:  "Who is going to want to pay for the Super Custom conversion?" (Most spas at that time were pretty mediocre.) The SC Fallsburg was the first model and it was a real pain to build.  It is funny how that works.  Things that are much more sophisticated, seem to require more "pains" to build. It takes nearly double the time (and a lot more expensive parts)  to make a Super Custom over the old version of the Paramount spas.  We do this because it just seems right.  Now in 2008 (2009 model year) we have made the Paramont Spas all Super Custom and the Magnum is a whole "other beast".

Well after nearly 9 years of production, the Super Custom SE Fallsburg is still the number one selling Hot Tub in the Haven Spas line up.  It also has the history of the least warranty service, and the best customer feedback we have ever gotten on any hot tub.  The SCF owners all rave about the spa.   It is also one of the heaviest Haven spas and has the most powerful jet pumps in modern technology.

Before the SCF, the Standard Paramount Fallsburg model was our most popular spa ever. It is what I consider  an "almost perfect" spa design. The regular model surpasses all the competition's spas in construction, components, design, and therapy. We haven't lost a wet test comparison between a competitive model and the regular Fallsburg. The Fallsburg is an amazing product. So, you can imagine what the therapy action is in the Super Custom Spas. We now have a new standard Fallsburg in the Vista Series to replace the old standard Paramount Fallsburg.  

Because the  Super Custom Fallsburg has been such a big hit with our customers, we have added more models that are designed the same way.   This give us now a full line up of Super Custom Haven Spas.

We have all the Haven spas made to our specifications. We designate all of the plumbing and the jet placements on our drawings and diagrams. Some blocks in the mold are adjustable. In the Fallsburg we adjust the foot well to our blocks. We specify the pumps, the insulation, the skirt, the control system, and the brands of all equipment.

The Super Custom Models are a totally new entity. It has the sleekest, "cleanest" designed plumbing there is with the most modern and powerful spa pumps available.  The jetting and plumbing are balanced to give from the lightest to the most intense therapy you have ever experienced, without taxing the components. Your typical competitor's spa will use diverter valves and "screwy" plumbing to force water in to one or two seats with pressure. After nearly 9 years, no other company has tried to compete with this spa.  

The normal Paramount Spas are superior to most any spa out there, but because as Jim says:  "I am a spa person, spa user for over 20 years, (spa fanatic is what some people call me), I have designed upgrades on the Fallsburg, Brookfield, Timberlake, Lakeshore and the Pinecove and call them Super Custom spas."

These spas are not for average consumers, but are for those who want the highest quality and highest levels of engineering.  Some of what this spa is designed on is commercial standards for filtering and plumbing.

These spas have a third water pump designed to move 35 GPM (gallons per minute) for filtering, heating, and ozone saturation. This gives up to 50,400 gallons of filtered water each day.   The purpose of this pump is to relieve the "jet pump number one" of the main filtering and heating duties, while it gives the best filtering possible with 100 sq. ft of filter fiber. This eliminates the drag or resistance to flow the filter and heater creates, even though we have designed in a relief valve and huge filters and pipes, the filter and heater create the need for two extra 90 degree turns on the pressure side of the standard spas. So the circulation and filtering pump is also two speeds. We took advantage of that second speed and put a "power jet" on the lower back area of one seat in each of the SC spas.

The Super Custom  spa is as powerful in pumps as you can have in a residential spa. Two 5 plus 1.5 HP air, and heat, runs the spa at over 50 amps full load (60 amp service). So we can't get any larger pumps, but we can get a increase in water flow by making the jet pump's plumbing extremely clean.  In other words, we get as much water to the jets as is possible from the jet pumps, with the least amount of resistance in the plumbing.  This is what the SC spas are now legendary for.

We put in four 200 GPM safety suctions in the bottom of the spa (and attach the filters). These are aligned as directly as possible into the 2.5 inch suction plumbing and directly into the pump with few turns in the 2.5 inch and 2 and 3/8 inch (inside diameter)  pipe and a straight shot into the pump. This is as close as physically possible to putting the end of the pump in the wall of the spa.  By safety standards we must use two ( UL safety) suction fittings.  This is what spa engineers call "flooded suctions" and we have not seen any other brand of spa with this type of clean plumbing to the jet pumps.

Any restriction on the suction side has a tremendous effect on the water pressure coming out of the pump and ultimately to the jets.  That is why we want true flooded suction inlets to the jet pumps.   We added the 200 Sq. Ft. of filter as well. 

On the pressure side of pump one we put in two 45° , instead of two to four  90° turns  (and the filter and the heater).  This makes for a short path with low resistance to the manifold. And we use solid pipe or 2 3/8 in high vinyl mass flex pipe, as much as possible on the pressure side.  Pump two has a single 90 sweeping ell.

This is because the pumps are drawing water from the bottom of the spa and the water pressure to the pumps suction is better, and much fewer air bubbles are sucked into the pumps volute.  When a spa pump draws from the filters only, it is not operating with any natural "head" or gravity fed pressure as is created at the bottom.  There is simply more water pressure by gravity at the bottom of the vessel.  There are some spas that use only filters and screens (ridiculous) at the top of the spa to skim in water.  There are many problems with this design, like sucking in foam and air into the jet pumps, and the lack of hydraulic efficiency.

The result is much (awesome) more powerful jets without increasing the HP of the pumps and quiet smooth water transitions.  It runs extremely smooth and quiet with all these extras.

With the 35 GPM pump we outlet in two ways into the spa, "power" jet for water flow and good motion into the spa so the water is fully stirred and agitated as it is filtered, no scum line with regular care, as in the tiny circ pump spas. The fourth outlet is for the SC Ozone system.  This is a true 24 hour circulation/filtering/ozone pump and very different than a tiny 7 GPM, (worthless), circ pump. The pump is a larger, 48 frame, motor with a very long life expectancy.

This is a "dream spa".

We added a second topside opposite to the main control. It sits facing the inside and is easy to reach.  With this level of sophistication use the highest level of control that our control factory makes called the DLX2000 Spa Control.  It is extremely advanced and extremely reliable. You can "low level" program it to have the controls the way you want.  At the present time we offer no hand held remotes, because of their failure rate.

The SC spas now come standard with the ultimate DAIT hot tubs and spas system as well. 

There are no spas like the Super Custom Haven Spas!

The results of the modifications are: more jet pressure available, even quieter operation, cooler running pumps,  the best water ozone treatment, and extremely filtered water, while maintaining an extremely efficient energy consumption that we are known for.  The main jet pumps last longer because of  the super clean water flow and highest degree of motor cooling.  The pumps always work in the "sweet spot" with minimal turns and are only used for therapy.   You can not find another spa with this level of quiet and power that runs with such low energy costs.

"I have read many spa specification sheets and seen many spas and no one has a spa built this well that I have seen or read about.  This is the spa that the whole line of Haven Spas is modeled after."

James Arjuna

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