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Watertown Spa and Hot tub
This is the Four "Tee" seat. It gives us another style of therapy, again fully adjustable. There are four "hot seats" in this spa, because each seat is remarkable.  The new full corner head reats are nice and do not require any sort of attachtmet.  They fit nicely into the shell recesses.
This is another view of the spa, showing the large footwell.  We do not like small footwells or footwells with large jet humps to trip over.  We much prefer to use the footwell as the space that makes the spa into a cozy room, rather than a contraption. 
(The first time I got in a spa with a foot jet dome, I tripped and almost broke my wrist).
We place the foot jet carousel under the filter housing, and it works great!
This is the "Forth Hot Seat" with six regular size jets.  The regular jet is what other spa's call their large jets.  These jetes are fully adjustable and feel great.  You can move from side to side and get a full massage from one side of your back (or side) to the other. There are three air jets also, and notice the comfortable full corner head cushion. This is a great seat!  You will notice that the seats are set with a variety of seating heights.
This is another view from under the captains chair.  You can see the shut off and the neck and shoulder jets a little better in this photo. 
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