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Feature and comments

2017  Model Year

SCF Magnum Features

And specifications



Number of seats

6 seats  Lounge and five comfortable seats.

Jet Pump #1 HP

The SCF has the Ultimate pump.

Read more about it below in the paragraph on the lower right.

4 HP 90Frame Class F 180 GPM

230/240 V12 Amps on high 2 speed with sub contactor for high speed.

90 frame CE/UL/ solid state switching (no starting contacts) Axial fan cooling on motor. Stainless Steel Motor
Shaft. Sealed motor no water can enter.

Pump #2: HP

Most spas use a single speed on jet pump #2. For full benefit of the jets a spa needs two speeds on the second pump as well.

4 HP 90 Frame Class F 180 GPM

230/240 V 12 Amps on high 2 speed with sub contactor for high speed.

90 frame CE/UL/ solid state switching (no starting contacts) Axial fan cooling on motor. Stainless Steel Motor
Shaft. Sealed motor no water can enter.

This is a no holds barred type of spa and pump.

Pump # 3

In addition to the SCF the Magnum has another 4 HP Two Speed Ultimate Flow pump.

4 HP 90 Frame Class F 180 GPM

230/240 V 12 Amps on high 2 speed with sub contactor for high speed.

90 frame CE/UL/ solid state switching (no starting contacts) Axial fan cooling on motor. Stainless Steel Motor
Shaft. Sealed motor no water can enter.

This is a no holds barred type of spa and pump.

Pump # 4

In addition to the SCF the Magnum has another 4 HP Two Speed Ultimate Flow pump

4 HP 90 Frame Class F 180 GPM

230/240 V 12 Amps on high 2 speed with sub contactor for high speed.

90 frame CE/UL/ solid state switching (no starting contacts) Axial fan cooling on motor. Stainless Steel Motor
Shaft. Sealed motor no water can enter.

This is a no holds barred type of spa and pump.

Pump #5: HP

The SCF has the best filtering and ozone system in the industry.

The 24 Hour circulation pump gives 24 hours of warm thermal barrier insulation inside the cabinet. Making the 2017 SCF the most thermally insulated spa in the industry with this level of power. Because of the super efficiency of DAIT Level 4 we put in programmable circulation times on this pump for reduction of use in summer.

Haven Power Jet pump with low pressure high volume 24 hour filter, heat, and ozone pump. 1.3 Amps 45 GPM 1/8 HP average flow low speed. This allows us to free up the jet pumps from the filtering to give the most powerful flow in the industry to the water jets. The filtering in this spa is the best there is in the industry. Over 50,000 gallons of turnover a day average. Awesome!
New this year our circulation pump has an added feature, a second speed.  I have been wanting to add this to our high end spas for years.  It is a Power Jet in one of the seats. With the second speed we put a full 4 HP into a Power Jet
( gives powerful low to mid back massage) and MM jets

Total Water Pump HP and Flow
20 HP (using 60 amps on full) and 900 GPM.  It is called the Super Custom Magnum for a reason. Nothing else touches it.  This is why you need 70 amps service min with some restrictions on heater and blower functions  We recommend two 40/50 amp services as the best. 

Air Pump # 1  HP
(Therapy Pump # 6)

1.5 HP 4.5 amps 240 Volt (not brake HP)

Air Pump # 2  HP
(Therapy Pump # 7)

1.5 HP 4.5 amps 240 Volt (not brake HP)

Air injectors

The SCF has larger and more air injectors as well as the turbo air. The 2HP air pump gives much more air pressure to work with on the SCF.

20 each 9 hole injectors

These give a burst of air into the water, and give a real massage that pulsates up your back. We place air injectors on the back of the seats for this reason. A spa without this feature is "missing something"

Manifold system

6 separate water manifolds. 
1/Power jet system and filter ozone system;
2/  Power Massage Seat (Captain's Chair);
3/ Lounger;
 4/  Six jet;
 5 /  dual Master massage.
6/Intermediate Level Jets.

Five separate, electronically controlled, Air manifold systems.

Total number of water and air jets


Total Number of Water therapy jets


(4 each filtering ozone jets)

Large rotating jets

Not only are the SCF jets more they each have much more intensity off water flow. MUCH MORE!

26 each large Storm jets

(Cyclone style)

Interchangeable with three different jet bodies included for your choice of massage.


Medium Adjustable

Regular jets 6

Small adjustable jets

 4 hip jets in lounge and captains chair.

Mini Jets

 8 ea.

Above water Neck and shoulder jets.

The collars on the SCF contain the spray out much better than most of the above water jet systems.

5 small adjustable with single electronic  valve shut off on all four. (optional second neck blaster seat with 2 neck blasters in the 6 jet seat)

If you want you can have two "collars with up to 8 neck and shoulder jets. I prefer the single collar or the single collar with the twin neck blasters in the six jet seat.

Turbo Air

2 each:  1.5 HP Premium Air Pump gives more air pressure to the water jets.  This turbo charge of the water jets feels like the water pumps have a third speed at a much higher horsepower.  It broadens the spray and adds considerable force to the therapy. In short: it is wonderful for your body.


We use a framed in bottom to give strength and to allow moisture to not accumulate on any wood.

44x145 mm frames. The bottom has a full framed in structure pressure treated. The top rail (under the lip is 94x44 mm) the vertical frames are 94x44 as well. 2x4 vertical frames. Bottom has Polymere sheeting to seal it. (Optional plastic feet for high rain areas.)
This is more time consuming and expensive to manufacture, but we use proven wood technology shown to last over 36 years now. 

Cabinet Skirt

(I still like redwood the best.)

Standard is 10 MM composite over 9MM substrate (FLAT) rubber sealed side panels and completely sealed corners. The panels weigh about 50 Lbs and are very sound deadening using acoustic engineering along with seriously powerful engineered insulation. The DAIT system 6

Optional Bamboo, Cedar, or Aluminum Synthetic. 

12 layer insulation system.

Filter size and type

100 Sq. Ft. Suction side on Programmable up to 24 hour circulation pump.

Ozone system

Ozone contact chamber with ozone saturation. Powerful, Corona Discharge ozonator is standard with the SCF

UV Sanitation system
Using UV light the same as used to sanitize hospital rooms, runs on it's own system. 
CU/AG metal ion system
With the Ozone, UV, and Ions you need very little in the way of time to treat water.  It is the only automatic, RELIABLE, water treatment system on earth today.  Change cartridge once every three months and add Instant Ions once a month.

Insulation System

The Haven DAIT is the best thermal insulation for spas today. 

Full Thermally Sealed with DAIT level 6. Automatically adjust insulation to the conditions inside and outside of the spa.
Higher rated thermal fans for better cooling in summer mode. Has two modes. Summer Spring, Fall and Winter automatically adjusts for weather.


Shell and form

Five Layers of  Acrylic / Vinyl-ester bonding and fiberglass hand rolled is the strongest and best shell made today.

Acrylic / Vinylester Resin / Fiberglass.
5 resin layers, and special heat absorbing tint and coating.

Lip over design. The best for water run off. 

Electronic Controls

Livft from Holland and USA

High Level with high current switches. controls system. Several programs to offer therapy massage sessions to focus on specific issues. Stainless Steel Metal Cabinet for Electronics. 

Unbelievable features and reliability.

Second topside control

Standard by the Captains chair.

Touch Screen Operation
Touch Screen Operation available and Wifi, with Apps for smart phone and tablet.  Optional and Extra charge for this.  Most people don't really want it. 

Standard Control system
Most RELIABLE there is.  Press buttons for preset massage programs, or to call up any function you want. Simple easy to use. No computer knowledge required.

Hand rails

Two acrylic bars installed into the shell. These are lit with LED lights.


Standard is multiple LED underwater lighting.

Heater Type and power rating.

5.5 Kilowatt flow through.
For extreme cold climates and heavy use, optional 11 KW heater.

Heater element with 3 year "no fault" warranty.

Foot Jets

You have to stretch a bit to reach them from the opposite chair, but the two in the center are my favorite foot jets of all time.

Lounge also has 4 foot jets.

Two large Storm jets in the foot well.
The amazing Twin 14 Jet opening 90 gallons per minute flow per jet, Master Massage jets that gives full pressure point foot massage and fantastic leg jet therapy. We plumb it to the manufacturers flow rates.

Leg jets

8 water and four air jets in the legs of the lounge.  This is a great combination with both Four air jets and eight water jets with turbo air.

TV VCR or TV with DVD

Optional 17.1 inch high resolution, limo style TV with remote. Is installed in separate water proof cabinet outside the spa.

Stereo system

Optional  Speaker Stereo CD player AM./FM marine grade  20 HZ to 20,000 HZ speaker system and  sub woofer. TV sound can be fed into these speakers.

Although we try to avoid typos, and sometimes forget to make changes specific to each year models, all specifications subject to change as we refine the spa and make improvements.

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These photos are of the 2014j model.  It is nearly the same but we have added all large jets in the backs of the seats and  more jets.

I wanted to show the great looking Black Jets that you can option for. Stainless Steel faces are standard.
Hot tubs
Hot tubs
Hot Tubs
Hot tubs
Hot Tubs
Hot Tubs
Hot tubs
There is no filtering system "better" than 100 Sq Ft. and 43,000 gallons standard. It can be set to filter up to 43,200 gallons per day.
 It is now about four times the amount of filtering needed in a COMMERCIAL spa. We do it that way as part of the wholistic design. While this amazing pump is filtering and ozonating, it is also creating a 100% thermal warm air barrier. So, not only is it the most filtering; it creates the most energy efficient spa of this type in existence.  We have the most energy efficient design for cold weather.

When you talk about engineering, it is a general statement of superiority and it better be true. The statement was about the "filtering system", not about the spa. We chose this filtering system for our highest end products, because someone who wants the best is going to get the best. Other spas can have this system, but I have not seen it on any spa except the Super Custom models from us. That is because of how much it costs.

The pump is called the WaterWay Executive CE 90 System as it is listed in their catalog.  Try to find another pump in production that has a 90 frame 12 amp two speed, with Class "F" insulation, double shaft seal protection and the most durable shaft seals available, solid state starting, and  fan cooling fins to cool the motor fast.   The motor blows towards the wet end so that in 15 years if the seal leaks, the air blowing will stop ground faults and the stainless steel shaft will not rust away. It has heavy duty sealed bearings as well. The "wet end" is held separate from the motor to give space from the water end to the dry end. 

Here are the benefits listed in the catalog, and all are exactly true, based on my personal experience in the electrical and electronics fields. It is not just one of the most expensive pumps around, it has value as most Water Way products do.


--Provides constant air flow over the body of the motor for cooler running and better performance.

--Time proven solid state switch is guaranteed to provide long life, quiet operation and millions of trouble free starts. Dual capacitor start and run for both speeds, give greater torque under load and less energy needed to run.

--Energy efficient design on high speed & solid state start-up on low speed eliminates the mechanical switch and reduces noise level.

--Features water resistant sealed bearing technology for longer life and quiet operation.

This is the best spa pump in current production. It has an excellent pressure to flow curve, allowing full use of the same pump at different pressures and volumes. This gives us the opportunity to run 90GPM jets and 19 to 13 GPM jets on the same pump at different pressures, by designing the positioning on the manifolds.  Most engineers have never stet up using the scientific method to test this system of power to the jets. 

The control system from Livft (Holland and USA) is  really strong.  There is not a control system that does all that it does.It has ALL the features that modern technology allows.  This year we have made the circulation pump owner adjustable for duration; simply because of different uses by owners.  This is a refinement on the control to allow more or less filtering as the use of the spa indicates. Before it was 24 hours a day with the concept that the owners could just use the spa and not worry about anything being "programmed".

While the rest of the spa makers are trying to figure out how to survive off gimmicks and building spas as cheaply as possible, we are moving in the other direction into the super luxury area and super reliability area.  Our spas are work horses, strong and steady.

If you read the comments from our spa owners, you will see a common thread of reliability, ease of use, and comfortable seating with full therapy in their letters.