Tom and Vivian Wardlaw
Rosamond, California



Our new Haven Glenwood spa arrived in May 1999. It has truly been a delight.  Our entire family enjoys relaxing in the swirling, bubbling water. The jet action feels wonderful on our backs, necks, etc. 
Jim has been a real help to us since we were novices.  There were no major glitches setting it up or in running it since.  We also are pleasantly surprised at how little it has impacted our electric bill and it seems very efficient and well insulated with the foam blanket and deluxe cover. Overall, we are very pleased with the product, and especially with Jim's expertise in directing us to the right spa for our needs. His intimate knowledge of spas gave us an understanding of all of the technical aspects of choosing a spa, and helped us decide on just what kind of a spa we needed.

As you can see, our grandson, Wesley, is enjoying himself on a nice warm day in the California desert.

Thank you, Jim, for all of your help!

Tom & Vivian Wardlaw
Rosamond, CA