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These steps came out of total frustration with step builders.
We searched high and low and could not find steps that were safe, strong, and built correctly. 
We used several step designs and finally came up with our Model #1 step.
There are 52 deck screws in this step.  Each board is carefully chosen and cut precisely.  Because redwood is a soft wood, it needs a lot of screws in order to be strong.
By putting in extra screws, we insure the steps will stay strong for a long time.  It is cross braced and cross angle screwed.  We use SuperDeck heart redwood or coastal gray stain. 
The steps are designed with a heavy weight wood.  2x4 and 2x6 redwood.  The legs are set wide, so when you step on the edge the step doesn't tip of flip.  The Model #1 step does not wiggle.  This was the major concern with our old steps.  After a few short months poorly made steps would wiggle.  Some of the steps we saw had the legs set in a little.  Those steps are dangerous.  If you step on the edge, it will tip over.  Our steps add a level of safety that very few steps have.
We tried several outside contractors to build steps for us.  None of them understood the term "quality", even when they said they  did.  We received steps with staples and nails in them and only four deck screws.  We had to take them apart and put screws in them in order to make them safe and secure.  Now we have an expert step builder insuring each step is a quality product.
If you are looking for quality and safety, there isn't a better made step. (Also call for customization.)
The steps are only $249.98
call 1-888-478-2224 to order.
The size is 17 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 23 inches deep.  Perfect for any spa.
We also have an extended version 60 inches wide for $326.98.

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