The only recommended pH balancers are pH Haven, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate
and sodium bisulfate.
Adjust these instructions to fit your particular spa.  You can use less or more shock chlorine depending on
the clarity of the water.  The clarity of water is primary, ion levels, pH balance, filtering all have to be taken into the

The Quick Start instructions for your Haven spa.

At startup or drain and refill time:

1. Fill the spa by placing the garden hose in the filter housing.

2.Test the source water for calcium before putting in ions.     Click HERE for calcium test instructions.

3. Add 2 oz. Spa Defender.

4. Test and adjust water for Total Alkalinity 80 PPM  and pH 7.4 .

5. Put in one tablespoon of Instant Ions per 150 gallons. Shake well.

6. Turn on the air controls.

7. Cut (new) thermal blanket if needed.

8. Set filtering times to 8 hours per day (one hour one time for the SE/ SC  models)  Place cover and let it heat.
See main instructions for summer use.

9. Add the Calcium Booster after the spa is up to temperature.

Optional: add a bottle of pH Magic about one hour after the calcium has circulated. *Use only pH magic with ions* 10. After each use put in one tablespoon Non-chlorine shock and on teaspoon granular chlorine/ per one or two bathers. If it starts to cloud up, add more next time.


1. Shock the spa with one tablespoon of Non-chlorine shock and one-half teaspoon of chlorine granular per 85 gallons. Examples: Fallsburg/Brookfield = 6TBS/2TSP. Springeville/Watertown 5TBS/2TSP
Glenwood/Shorewood= 4TBS/2TSP Adjust down to the levels that work for you but always 1 tea to 3 tea (one tablesp) ratio of products.

2. Wait at least one hour then test and adjust Copper, TA and pH.

3. Add 4 in 1 Clarifier, and Spa Defender.


1 Clean filter(s) by spraying them off with small nozzle ( sweeper nozzle ) cold water.
2 Soak in bleach solution for a few minutes, wear gloves and don't get on clothes, 1/4 cup bleach per gallon in the sink.


1. Clean cover and apply 303 cover treatment to the cover.

3 to 6 months:

1. Drain and refill the spa. Deep clean the filters by soaking overnight in Filter Cleanse, or other acid filter cleaner.
If you have no safe place to keep the solution away from children, then just use automatic diswasher soap and "Minute Rinse".

2. Apply Super Deck stain to the redwood or cedar cabinet if needed.

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