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Introducing the Internet
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"How Spas Are Made"
July, 2000

If you are looking for a spa, even if you are not considering one of our spas for reasons I can never understand, you need to read this book.   In it are years of spa information from the engineering, service, repair, and consumer point of view.

If you want to know more about spas than the salesman who is trying to make his living to coerce you into buying a spa, then read this book.

We have had some wonderful comments from readers all across the country.

As a spa consumer, you are very vulnerable to hype and nonsense used to sell inferior products at ridiculous prices.

In the book are guidelines for evaluating engineering of the designs and materials used in spa construction.

Most of this book was written long before the Spa Specialist Inc.,  existed.  Other spa "professionals" are often trying to negate the book by saying it is nothing but a sales pitch, when it actually is a detailed description of how spas are being made today.   It is also a description of the "state of the art" in spa design.   Many engineers and scientists were consulted in the development of this booklet.   I feel that the spa "professionals" that are slamming the book are slamming ( insulting ) a lot of highly trained mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers.  I also consulted a professional composite engineer on the materials used in spas today.

When we started the Spa Specialist Inc.,  it took months and months wading through spa manufacturer's' sales pitches to find a decent product that gives excellent therapy, reliability, and, of all things, clean water.  We had a line of spas that filled the bill for two years until someone in marketing decided to play  spa designer and ruined the plumbing in their spas.

We were close to closing the doors, until I found a spa manufacturer who was willing to make the spas according to my designs and specifications.  That is how the Haven Spas came about.

We are now offering the latest version of the "How Spas are Made"  book for $6.95.  All that is required is to be able to receive HTML, or a Microsoft Word document in either Macintosh or Windows format.

To get your copy you still need to call and leave a credit card number, stating you want the Internet version of the booklet and what format you want the file;  Mac Word, Windows Word version or HTML that you can read on your web browser.  The HTML version includes photographs.

If you want to send the credit card number in the email,  email me and I will tell you how to send it safely.

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