Implications are indirect lies that lead a consumer to incorrect conclusions about a product or a competitors products.

It is subtle and used all the time to create a sense that the sales person's products are superior to other products.

Here is an example;

Hot Spring Sales person:    "I don't want my kids to soak in filthy water". 

The implicatoin is that other spas have filthy water, and their spas don't.   When in fact their spas don't even filter to the lowest numbers required by
the ANSI safety standards.

Both are disgusting statements if you understand what a lousy filter system this spa actually has.

"Our spas filter all the water all the time".  

This is a direct lie, full of greed and deceptoin.

The only spa that could ever filter all the water all the time is one that empties the water into a separate tank and does so instantaiously through a filter.

This is physically impossible.

"Our spas are the only ones approved for arthritis".

Talk about a direct lie.  These jerks pay money to the arthritus foundation and put a fake logo on their site to imply that the arthritus foundation "endorses" their piece of crap spa.  No they do not endorse anything, because if they do they would lose their "not for profit corporatoin" status.