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Haven Spa Details of Construction
In this photo, you can see the solid construction of a Haven Spa. It is made from 2x4 pressure treated lumber on the bottom and all of the verticals are house building 2x4 framing lumber.

The pumps are mounted of solid 2x4 frames, making the most solid pump mount in the spa industry.

The outside clear redwood 1/2 inch tongue n' groove panels are easy to remove for access to all parts.

Looking inside the cabinet, you can see the outer wall reflective insulator foam wall board. The space inside the spa is the "dead air" chamber. The Haven spas all have warm air in this area. It is built like a house inside and the equipment is never exposed to cold air!
Looking back away from the spa a bit, you can see the solid PVC pipe used to plumb the large 2 inch pressure and the 2.5 inch suction line plumbing. The solid PVC gives us a smooth quiet water flow. We use a minimum of turns on the pipes.

In all the photos you can see the thick layer of insulating (not structural) foam. The foam is easy to remove for repairs. :o)

Here is a photo showing the motor comparisons. The 56 Frame Magnetek on the left vs the 48 frame on the right. We use large 56 frame motors on all the Haven Spas. These motors run cooler, have a much larger bearings, stronger starting circuit, larger windings. The frame is about 6.5 inches in diameter vs the 5.5 inches on the 48 frame. We have found that the 48 frame works OK up to 2 HP/3 BHP above that, the motors run too hot. All of our Haven motors are 56 Frame Magnetek.