One of the best standard spa covers. Best value for your money.

The Spa Specialist Spa Upgraded Cover

Spa Cover info sheet

We recommend you use a Thermal Blanket with your spa cover

  It is always recommended that you use a thermal blanket with your hard cover.   We always offer the best closed cell foam thermal blanket with our spas. The blanket adds approximately R-10 insulation value to the top of the spa where heat loss is the greatest. It does this by stopping the evaporative cooling, and creating a "dead air space" between the cover and the water. It also cuts down on the use of chemicals by; 1. Helping to keep the ozone in the water for a little longer; 2. keeping the sanitizer from "gassing off"; and 3. It allows us to keep the air controls turned on all the time which oxygenates the water, removing the VOC's  all the more, (like a fish tank). (You can't do this with a full foam spa or spas that draw in cold air through the air controls.) On most of the Haven Spas we draw in warm air to help get rid of the carcinogens, leaving the water fresh and smelling nice. 4/ It offers a much longer life to the head rests by keeping ozone and chemicals from gassing onto the the foam cushions. In super cold season you can save energy by leaving the thermal blanket over the spa water while you go in.  Just fold it back away from the seat you are sitting in.  This will keep the heat loss to a minimum while you are getting therapy and enjoying the spa.

You will notice that the covers we offer are the stoutest standard cover you can get, without spending a fortune. They have metal inserted inside the foam to give extra added strength. Notice the handles inside the hinged parts. You can grab the cover and pull it from inside the spa, just before you get out. The foam is two pound, instead of one pound often found on lower quality covers. The inside is heat sealed, and the outside is all sewn seamed, for longest durability. We have found that "heat sealed" outer vinyl has a tendency to crack after a while. Once the vinyl has been heated it is not the same flexible vinyl any more.

The Price for the cover is $539.00.
See the 11 different cover colors.

Be sure to give us the exact model or exact sizes of your cover, because they are not returnable.  Each cover is custom made.

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