Bob and Carolyn write:


Jim, here’s a true story about our experience in my brother-in-law’s Sundance spa….

My wife and I went to visit her sister and husband at the end of May. While visiting them we had a chance to use their Sundance spa (never got the exact model… but a little bigger than the Fallsburg). With just the two of us in the spa, we very consciously use the opportunity to compare their Sundance with our Haven Fallsburg.

So, we got into his spa. The water temperature was 98oF. My brother-in-law knows that we recently bought a spa and was very accommodating in showing us what his spa could do. He turned on the blower and we got air… cold air. Then he turned on both pumps and explained one of the pumps (A) was single-speed and the other pump (B) was two-speed. My observation was that pump A had about the same force as our Fallsburg’s No. 1 pump in circulation mode. Pump B’s low speed was less than that and the high speed was somewhere in between the Fallsburg’s No. 1 pump low and high speeds. My wife and I looked at each other, shook our heads as if agreeing "yes" and I said, "That’s different!" The last thing I wanted to do was appear to be openly critical. After all, we were guests in his house. At that point he said, "Enjoy!" and left.

So we settled in for a quiet "ride" in his spa. I was in the lounge seat and my wife was in one of the corner seats. We noticed his spa had three, count ‘em THREE, "do-nothing" seats… no jets, no air, nothing… just sculpted seats to sit in and have nothing coming your way. We asked each other "…why do you suppose they would put three of those seats in… one I could maybe understand, two is really stretching it, but THREE?" Well, anyway, we never sat in any of those seats. Most of the jets in the two corner seats and the lounge seat were fixed and small. A few spun, but not many.

So there we were… relaxing in his spa. After about 15 minutes another couple joined us and a few minutes after that another lady got in. There are now five of us in the spa. All of a sudden my jets went dead and I yelled out, "Hey, where’d my jets go?" Someone changed the diverter re-routing the water from my jets to theirs… won’t happen in a Haven. That scene happened one more time to me and once to my wife.

Then we were done and it was time to get out. By the way, the air pump continued blowing cold air the whole time we were in the spa. While my wife and were in the privacy of our bedroom we both agreed that based on what we had just seen our Haven Fallsburg far outpaced their Sundance, nodded our heads positively, and felt really good about "how good we done" by getting a Haven.