The Silvercreek Eclipse.

The Silvercreek is a popular spa for people who want a large spa, but with  standard
features.  It has plenty of jets and plenty of power to satisfy excellent therapy.  Most customers
purchase the optional Turbo Air system to boost the jets and ad another dimension to the therapy.

It is 92x92x37 , Seats 6 easily, has plenty of foot room and the lounge is modeled after the very well designed
Fallsburg with very little flotation.   It has a 4 HP water pump and 30 jets of  different sizes.  The large rotational (pulsating) jets
are located in strategic spots for maximum therapy effects.  Upper shoulders and lower hips in the 6 jet seat, and upper neck and shoulders and lower
back in the lounge.  It has a set of above water neck and  shoulder jets called "neck blasters:"

This spa is fully insulated with a thermally closed design, but does not have the DAIT.  The control system is the much higher quality of the Hydro Quip Gecko controls.
These use sealed relays to stop moisture and arcing on the switches inside the relays. The electrical boxes are steel.  REPEAT the boxes are steel to stop any possible electrical fires in the spas caused  by any arcing.  These controls have proven themselves to be better than any other brand for reliability and safety.  That is why we are adamant about using them.

The shell is the best composite of acrylic, vinyl ester resin, and (laborious) hand rolled fiberglass.  Other methods are much cheaper and commonly used by
the cheap spa companies and this includes several major brands as well as the spas you see at mass merchants.  (Anytime you hear the words ABS associated with the
shell, run away!  You cannot tell the difference between a well made shell just from lookng at the surface.  You have to look at the edge of the shell and behind.)

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