Havenmade  Inc. Return/ Replacement policy:

This is our customer guarantee of satisfaction on the products we offer.

The Spa Specialist, Have Spas. Return/Replacement/ policy, known as the “RR” policy:

If a customer is not satisfied with the new spa, we will replace it with 30 days notice from the customer from the time of delivery.  
If a customer decides that they want an alternative spa from our product line, we will charge the shipping and delivery charges for the replacement spa only not charge for the return shipping of the replaced spa.  We will exchange it with another new spa, but only in the same price point category or with a  higher priced category , for instance a Paramount spa can only be exchanged for a Paramount or upgraded to a Super Custom, not down graded to a Provence model. under the 30 days notice from the time of delivery.  If the exchange spa has a, currently  higher price, and or higher shipping cost,  the customer will pay the difference between the price of the original spa and the replacement.  If the exchange spa has a lower price than the original spa, the customer will receive a credit,/ refund for the difference as long as the spa is in the same or higher model category..  There is no return or replacement for a special one of a kind spa,  used, rebuilt, stored at customers request, or factory  refurbished spa.  This only applies to new spas.  All the customer has to do is contact us and let us know within 30 days after the original spa is delivered.  This is limited to one exchange only.  We require a written letter (by certified mail).  In the letter, you must state the reason for the exchange.  The serial number on the spa should be referenced when referring to the spa on any communication.  Ask for a confirmation number on your request for RRR. You will receive an RRR form that you must sign and send back to us before you can return the spa.

For this policy to be enacted the spa cannot be damaged in any way and must be in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery.  If you return a  damaged spa we will charge for the repairs to put it in new condition.

  For super high end custom magnum spas this policy can only be enacted on for another Super Custom Magnum model.

(form R/R/R policy)

See the sales order contract for more details.

About the Replacement policy:

The purpose of the replacement policy is to insure that  the spa model you have is satisfactory to you.  That it fits you and your needs.  If it doesn't we want you to be able to replace it with another spa, one that is better for your purpose so that you are satisfied.