Hi Eugene-
I got both of your voicemails -- sorry I wasn't available to talk with you this past weekend.  My family was visiting.
Let me start by saying I'd recommend Jim and Sandy and their Haven Spas to anyone.  We've had ours since October 2003 and it's truly a well-built, superior spa to nearly all other brands we checked out.  Jim and Sandy delivered it themselves in fact.  Jim had it wired up and running a few hours after we moved it into place.  They're super people and Jim's knowledge and skills are comparable to none.
I, too, went through the same feelings you and your wife are going through.  Buying a spa over the internet wasn't the best idea I've ever had, but with all the info Jim provides and after emailing and talking with him a few times I felt it was a viable option for my wife and I.  After I had some knowledge as to what were good and bad attributes for a spa we visited a local spa/pool store and talked with a  salesperson (teenager).  She knew so little about the spas they sold (or spas in general for that matter) or about some very important questions I had before even considering purchasing.  She wasn't able to find the info we needed or someone else who may have known -- nor did anyone follow up with me.  Obviously, the salesmanship was beyond poor, the spas were all foam-filled and the price they asked was ridiculous.  We walked out knowing that was going to be the deal with nearly all of these retail shops or brand name spas.
We have a Shorewood Silver with a single pump and we were concerned if it would have enough power.  No concerns.  MORE than powerful enough.  In fact we never use it's full power -- usually turn the jets down a bit.  Filtering is great and easy to maintain.  With the ionizer we use very little chlorine.  We went with the upgraded (thicker) cover and the thermal blanket.  I've attached 2 photos.  One of the installation and one taken last summer/fall.
Bottom line is that we just simply love our spa and couldn't be happier with our purchase .  It's been a breeze for maintenance and it's been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who used it.  The prices can't be beat and the quality is far greater than the mass-produced models.  Plus anytime you have questions Jim is there to answer them which is incredibly helpful.  I wouldn't look any further.
I hope this info helps you and your wife make your decision.
Let me know if you have any questions in particular.

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Hot tubs