Trobleshooting Your Haven Spa

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Haven Spas are designed in a modular fashion and are relatively easy to repair. We have put together a few pages of common repairs that 95% of our Haven Owners can follow to do repairs on their own.  Even if you have never fixed anything before, if you can use simple hand  tools, you can do your own repairs.  We also offer lifetime service help by email for all of our customers for free as part of your ownership of your haven spa.  If you need to have a consultation on your spa to help you fix it, there  is a charge by the hour of $5 per every  6 minutes or $50 per hour after your spa is out of warranty. We also offer all the parts for our customers at huge discounts and we match any other price you can find. Please click on the links below. This page is a work in progress so email for anything not shown here. Click on the links below.

1/ The most common issue with Haven Spas is the pressure switch adjustment.

2/ Pump doesn't run or makes noise.

3/ Spa is tripping the ground fault device and will not reset..