Eric Hovatter in
Soulsbyville, CA

August 10, 2007



James Arjuna, President

Haven Spas

12910 N. Zuni Street

Westminster, CO 80234



Dear Mr. Arjuna,


I wanted to thank you for the personal support you have in regards to the Haven spa we purchased.   Let me start with a little background:  4 years ago I began looking at purchasing a spa.  Using the internet I quickly became overwhelmed with all the choices, options, models, features and selling points that each manufacturer offered.  Then I looked into your website and noticed it was different.  What intrigued me most was the amount of detail that was offered as to what each choice, option or feature really meant and what benefit or lack thereof could be expected.  The wealth of information was impressive, but I was unsure of what to do with it all!  So I called your company on a Saturday morning and you answered the phone!  In this day and age having the head of a company answer the phone is unusual.  And what’s more your command of information on your spas, what made them different and why they were better was astounding (and often technical).  I appreciated your knowledge, your hands-on touch, the fact that your company is a “little guy” in a “big guy’s world,” and the product you offered.  Needless to say my wife and I made our choice and purchased a spa from you (the actual model name escapes me but you know which one). 


I will say there were other spas out there that cost less, but I have since been in some of those and had the opportunity to compare the quality and features most readily visible…and yours wins out.  We have had our spa almost 4 years now and are still pleased with our purchase.  The number and variety of jets, the power of the pumps, the ease of access to the “inner workings,” the fact that your parts are not proprietary (you don’t have to buy your part but can go to a local store and get many replacement parts) and the overall durability are just a few of the reasons we will buy from you again if we move and don’t take our spa with us.


I would be dishonest if I did not say we have had an occasional problem with the spa.  Anything made by humans is fallible and a spa is no different.  But each time I have encountered an issue (and I am referring to 2 in over three years) you have come through and gotten the spa up and running.  What was perhaps the most telling of how committed you are to your product is when you and your wife Sandy made a personal call to us to fix a problem with one of our pumps.  I realize that you don’t make a habit and custom of doing that, but were in the general area, however it was commendable nevertheless!  While you were rectifying the pump issue (to our continued satisfaction by-the-way) you noticed a few things that had not been done at the factory to your specifications.  I know from personal and professional experience that you could have said nothing and we would never have noticed!  Instead you pointed out those shortcomings and spent additional time in the baking sun making them right.  I don’t know if I will ever know exactly what you did or what improvement they resulted in, but I am convinced that you took the time and effort to make those improvements because you are passionately committed to offering the best product you can.  And I trust completely that our spa is better now than when we first got it.


It seems to me that most everything about our great country is slowly getting worse.  From a consumer standpoint quality, pride in workmanship, honesty and integrity are just words to be tossed around and put in glossy brochures.  But I see less and less that those principles are actually important…it’s more about profit and buying cheap.  Your company, your product and your commitment are a welcome change from that downward trend!  It is good to know that someone out there still cares about what they do and for the customer.  I will continue to share my thoughts with people who express an interest in becoming spa owners because word-of-mouth is the most reliable form of advertising there is.


Good luck to you and thanks again for all your help.         



Eric Hovatter