Bob and Cheryl Hertel in Van Etten, New York.

Hi Jim and Sandy. This is Bob and Cheryl Hertel, we purchased a Pinecove Spa from you last October. We live in Van Etten, New York. I am writing to you because I thought you might be interested in knowing this. When you delivered the spa ,Sandy you and I were talking about my arthritis and how I was hoping the spa would help relieve some of the pain. You told me about a lady who had arthritis in her neck and had purchased a spa. She had the spa for a little while and the arthritis pain in her neck was gone. At the time I thought that was nice for her but with the arthritis I have there is no way the pain will ever go away. But I really wanted it to. You see I have Ankylosing  Spondylitis , which is arthritis that ends up in your spine and adventuallly fuses the spine therefore you have no movement in your spine from the neck down. This arthritis is very painful and before it goes to the spine it attacks every joint you have w! henever and as often as it wants to. Many times it has disabled me.  I was on two different medicines to help with the pain and swelling. Then I had another medication to take if the pain got to bad. This medication hurt my stomach. So after the spa was set up and ready to go I went in it everyday sometimes twice a day. Your spa's are heaven! I think it was about February I started to notice that I was not having as much pain in my joints. I could walk down stairs normal instead of sideways. At this time I told my Doctor I was cutting my medication in half. Then I stopped taking it altogether. My Doctor had set up x-rays to be taken on my spine to see how far the arthritis had gone. I canceled that appointment and told the Doctor I would not be seeing him anymore unless I got worse. Since then I am still off my medication and am enjoying life without pain. And I have not talked to my Doctor since.
   I just wanted to share that with you. Your spa has helped my arthritis better than medication. I know there is no cure for arthritis but your spa is the next best thing.
                                                                    Thank you, Cheryl Hertel