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IMPORTANT NOTE: Some keys have two different functions. One is for the "normal mode" and the other is for the "programming mode"

PUMP 1 KEY:  Pump 1 is a two-speed pump, the Pump1 key is used to turn it on and to select between off, low and high speeds. A built-in timer will shut the low speed  pump off 8 minutes after it has been started, and 20 minutes on high unless the user does so manually.  If the pump is already running due to a filter cycle running or the spa is heating between filter cycles, it will already be running on low speed.  Depressing the pump 1 key will then switch the pump to high speed.  A second pressing of the
Pump1 Key

The Pump 1 symbol will appear in the LCD window Pump display when the Pump 1 is running at high speed. The symbol will blink  when the pump is running at low speed.

PUMP 2 KEY:  Pump 2 is a two speed, the Pump 2 key is used to turn it on ad to select between off, Low and high speeds. A built-in timer will shut the pump off 20 minutes after it has been started, unless the user does so manually.

The Pump 2 symbol will appear in the LCD window Pump2symbod when the Pump 2 is running at high speed. The symbol will blink when the pump is running at low speed.

Temperature Adjustment

Up and Down arrow Keys are used to set the temperature of the water. Keeping pressure on the keys will increase or decrease the current temperature setting. The new and desired temperature setting will remain for 5 seconds in the LCD window as a confirmation of it's new value.

The appearance of the Set Point symbolsetpoint in the LCD window tells the user that the temperature shown is the desired, and not the actual temperature of the water. The temperature can be adjusted in 1° F increments.  The display will always revert to the actual water temperature after you release the keys for 5 seconds.

WATER HEATER AUTOMATIC START: When the water temperature is 1° F lower than the set point the pump (at low speed if it is a two speed pump) and the heater will be turned on until the water temperature reaches the set pint plus 1° F. The low speed pump will come on and run anytime the spa temperature controller calls for heat.

The heater symbolheateron will appear in the LCD window when the heater is on. The Heater On  symbol will blink in the LCD window whenever there is a call for heat and the heater has not yet turned on.


This key is used to turn a blower on or off. If the blower is a two-speed blower the first press will turn the blower to high speed, the second press will turn the blower to low speed, the third press will turn the blower off. A built in timer will shut the blower off after 20 minutes, unless it is shut off manually.

When the Air Pump is on the air  symbolair will appear in the LCD window ( it will blink if the speed is at low).

LIGHT KEY: The light key is used to turn the light on or off and to select light intensities. The first press of the Light Key will turn the light on at its highest intensity. A second press will change the light intensity from high to low intensity (If multiple intensities are available) A third press will turn the light off. The light will automatically turn itself off after 2 hours. 

When the light is on the light symbol lightsymbol will appear in the LCD window (it will blink if the intensity is at low).

PROGRAM KEY: The Program key is used to switch between normal and programming modes. Pressing and holding this key  enters the programming mode. See "Programming" on back.

The program mode symbol will not appear in the LCD window when the unit is in programming mode. Refer to the programming section for more details.

TEMPERATURE DISPLAY: In Normal Mode operation, the display shows actual water temperature.


FrEE Freeze Protection Alarm

FLC Pressure Switch Alarm

HL High Temperature Alert

Prr Temperature Sensors Alarm.

F See hours of filtration

FLO Pressure Switch Alarm

PrH Temperature Sensors alarm.

Any of theses codes may be replaced in your controller with flashing dots and or flashing numerals in the digital display.

For any of the above system error indicators do the following:

At anytime you  get an error code, make sure the water level is correct, the spa has the jets in the on position.  If you see water flowing normally on low speed, and the water level is correct, then remove the filter(s) to see if the error code goes away.

Check the condition of the filters.  If the problem is solved by removing the filter, then the filters are too dirty to allow proper water flow.  The heater will not work without enough water available to the pump.

If you get an error code and the pump is not running when it should be on, check the fuses on the circuit board.  If you are not familiar with this procedure call 1-888-478-2224.  NEVER PLACE YOUR HAND INSIDE THE CONTROL BOX WHILE THE ELECTRICITY IS POWERED ON.


programkey   Depress the program key.  The display will change from the temperature display to "F XX"  The desired filter times can be adjusted by depressing the up and down keys until the filter times are set.  Normally we recommend 12 hours twice a day for the Super Custom Spas.  If, for instance, you want to set the filter times to 6 hours twice a day (for summer mode) at a 12 hour interval, depress the program key for five seconds then set the display with the up and down keys to read: "F 06".   To set the start time for the 12 hour interval, simply depress the program key a second time and the filter cycle will start at that time.  We recommend starting at  5, 6, 7 AM or PM for start time standard.  If you have an auauxiliary (SC Ozone)  you need to have it run 24 hours a day, program to "F 12".  This will give you the cleanest water with the least chemicals.

Default Settings:

The default filter cycle is 2 hours at 12 hour intervals ("F 02").  If you see a flashing temperature display, it means the power has been cut to the spa and was turned back on.  The spa then needs to have both the temperature and the filter cycles reset.  The default on the temperature is 95 degrees.

Filtering Indicator:
The filtering indicator will show in the LCD display  anytime the spa is in the filtering mode.

ECONOMY KEY The economy key is used to set the spa into economy mode.  You  simply depress the key until you  see the economy symbolecosymbol in the display .  When the economy key is set and the symbol is displayed the temperature setting will be automatically set at 20 degrees below the set point.  We do not recommend using the Economy Mode in winter.   In summer it can save money on the use of the heater.

Freeze Protection:

The Haven Spas, not only have a mechanical freeze protection by keeping the equipment inside the thermal area, but they also have electronic freeze protection that will turn on the equipment and run the pumps and heater until the default temperature of 50 degrees is sustained.  This is a rare occurrence that you  will see this run.   I may come on during extreme cold for a one minute time duration.