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New Haven Spas for 2018.  We continue to beat the competition on quality and value. So we are adding new models at new lower prices. Amazing quality for less!
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Real quality hot tubs available.
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Are You Wanting to Buy a Spa??
Then you need this book! Over 12,000 copies sold to buyers who saved a lot of money and grief from not knowing what they were getting themselves into. Now you can download an E-Book version for less. 

How Spas are Made

Welcome to the oldest, successful, Hot Tub and Spa company on the Internet.  Smart Haven Spa owners are the reason.  We deliver what spa shoppers really want, best quality at a low price.  Others say they do but they don't know how to compete with the low overhead of an Internet company.  We offer what they are not able to offer.
Internet companies have a much higher customer satisfaction rating than the traditional stores.  If you have to pay for expensive real-estate and sales costs of a store, something has to give and that is service and quality. Combining an ethical stance and hard work, we have achieved what no other spa company can do.  It is called Haven Spas.
  Our products are way above the quality of any hot tub company that we have seen and our prices are way below what those wasteful companies are forced to sell for.
We have found that educating spa shoppers with the best facts, and then let them go and shop all they want, intelligent people will always come back to our products, because no intelligent person would waste money on something they don't understand.   All you have to do is take the time to understand and avoid sales pitches based on nonsense.  That is the formula that intelligent shoppers use.     Our readers are telling us when they go into a spa store that they are better informed and know more about spas, than the sale people in most hot tub stores.

Hot Tubs are machines, water therapy machines, and they should follow standard engineering and design principles.

People all across the country are enjoying the best from Spa Specialist hot tubs and spas.  You can too! We are the  internet spas and hot tubs store.  We even have spas and hot tubs in Hawaii, Alaska, and Scotland and the UK and now in the Netherlands!  We ship and deliver our wonderful spas to your home.

WHY HAVEN SPAS?  (Click on the little jets faces to learn more. )
The  value!  It's the  spas engineering and reliability
,  the  spas shell and cabinet construction, the  1/2 inch clear redwood spas skirt and composite spas skirts.  No one has the therapy as in our spas.  Our remote service people take care of any concerns with our customers hot tubs and spas.  Lowest prices for the highest level of quality and reliability of any hot tub or spa. The most thermally efficient hot tubs of all time.  We are so far ahead of the pack that our customers tell us that we should rename or products to "water therapy machines".  Because, "hot tubs" is not sufficient to describe them.
We recommend the Spas Buyer's Questions and Answers
                          tubs and spas as the best place to start. The prices are linked on that page. Thank you for visiting our site! Email us with spas and hot tubs questionshot tubs and spas      or visit our Message Forum  NEW FORUM

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Insulation The Most Important Issue with energy savings

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Fantastic DAIT hot tubs and spas insulation system!
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Find our how to install  hot tubs and spas indoors correctly!

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